Input sought for Beaver Creek summer projects |

Input sought for Beaver Creek summer projects

BEAVER CREEK — The Eagle Holy Cross Ranger District is asking for public input about projects proposed at the resort for implementation during the summer.

The public scoping period lasts until April 29 and will be the only opportunity for people interested in or affected by the proposal to voice concerns before a decision is made.


The following projects this summer at Beaver Creek include:

• Removing the women’s Raptor downhill start mound to improve skier flow. The existing snow would be spread out on the trail and would result in about 0.4 acres of disturbance, which would be re-vegetated.

• Either leave the existing finish area commentator booth at Redtail for future use or build a permanent structure of the same size, or smaller, to fill the same footprint. The structure there now was permitted as a temporary structure for the 2015 FIS Alpine Ski World Championships.

• Re-grade areas near Larkspur Express to improve circulation. This project would result in about 0.2 acres of disturbance, which will be re-vegetated.

• Fill, re-grade and remove trees at the intersection of Dally and Redtail trails to improve circulation, an area about 50 feet by 70 feet. About 10 aspen trees would be removed.

• Reduce the footprint of the TV Compound graded bench by about 20 feet in width. The reclaimed area would be regarded to match the adjacent grade and re-vegetated.

Potential disturbance on U.S. National Forest lands, including vegetation removal and grading, would total less than 1 acre.

The overall purpose of the summer projects are to improve skier flow, reduce the need for additional snowmaking and remove infrastructure no longer necessary while keeping other infrastructure for future World Cup events.


Comments can be made either by mail or electronically. For mail, submit to Scott Fitzwilliams, c/o Max Forgensi, Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District, P.O. Box 190, Minturn, CO, 81645; or fax to 970-827-9343. Electronic comments can be submitted online at

Comments should include name, address, telephone number and organization represented, if any; title of the project of concern (Beaver Creek 2016 Summer Construction Projects CE); and specific facts, concerns or issues and reasons why they should be considered.

For more information about the proposed projects, email Forgensi at mforgensi

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