Insiders will stay in control |

Insiders will stay in control

Once again, the ruling elites of our country have picked the presidential candidates. Over the past years I have written many letters to the Vail Daily about our secret government, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR consists of about 4,000 of the most powerful people in our country. Virtually every secretary of state, secretary of defense, and director of the CIA, as well as many of our presidents and leaders in Congress, have been members of the CFR. Leading figures in our military, top officials of the banks, the oil companies, the corporate media, publishing, and prestigious foundations and think tanks, are loaded with CFR members. The list of CFR corporate sponsors read like a list of Fortune 500 companies. The power of the CFR was revealed in the 1971 book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, where these powerful people were called insiders because they had all the best information. The CFR, working with the international Bilderberg Group (BG) and the Trilateral Commission (TC), are globalists looking to create a one world government, one global economy, with one monetary system, their New World Order, where the great masses of us will live under their version of socialism, with the elites in control. David Rockefeller, John McCains friend Henry Kissinger, and Obama supporter Zbigniew Brzezinski have played dominant roles in these groups, as well as powerful international banking families. Behind the globalists are secret societies, of which Skull & Bones (S&B), the Freemasons, and the Illuminati figure prominently. The Illuminati, whose goal is to control the world, was founded in Bavaria in 1776. In 1782 the Illuminati merged with the Freemasons, and there is much historic evidence of this. Skull & Bones, a secret society formed at Yale in 1832, is believed to be a chapter of the Illuminati. In the last Presidential election they gave us George Bush, who is S&B and a 33rd degree Mason, and John Kerry, an S&B and CFR member. Now they picked John McCain, a CFR member, and Barack Obama, who has ties to the CFR and the BG. His running mate, Joe Biden, is CFR and most of Obamas top advisors during the campaign are CFR people, as are McCains. Cupie doll VP candidate Sarah Palin is no doubt being coached by the CFR to give the correct answers. Whatever the outcome of the election, the Insiders and CFR will continue to control our country. The CFR was created in 1921 by powerful Wall Street bankers and industrialists that included J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, to make sure the American government was working in their best interests. These same people were behind the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, which few Americans know is neither federal nor reserve. Each of the 12 banks of the Fed is owned by a consortium of private banks, of which the most powerful is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, owned by the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Warburg banking families, and includes Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb & Company, and Goldman Sachs. The Fed was born in 1913 from a conspiracy between these Illuminati banking families, and helped along by Senator Nelson Aldrich, chairman of the National Monetary Commission, who was an associate of J.P. Morgan, and whose daughter was married to Rockefellers son. Aldrichs commission was formed after the banking Panic of 1907, which was instituted by J.P. Morgan, who was the American front man for Rothschild money. The reasons given for the creation of the Fed was to control the money supply to prevent recessions and inflations, but the real reason was to give the bankers an unlimited supply of our tax dollars to draw on, and they have done well. The Fed pays the U.S. Treasury to print Federal Reserve notes for them, at the rate of $100 per one thousand bills printed. A million dollars, 10,000 $100 dollar bills, costs the Fed $1,000. This money is then loaned to the other banks and back to the U.S. Government at the prime interest rate, which goes not to the U.S. Government, but to the owners of the Fed. Our 10 trillion dollar National debt is what we owe these private banks of the Fed. Such a deal! Our Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, who called for the $700 billion dollar bailout, was CEO of Goldman Sachs and BG member, and Bernanke of the Fed is also a BG member. The CEO of Lehman Brothers, Richard Fuld, who helped himself to $350 million dollars of bonus money before the collapse, is a CFR member. The CFR has counted among its members Ken Lay, the thief of Enron, and Conrad Black, so you dont have to be honest to be member. This coming Depression, like the Great Depression, can all be traced to these powerful bankers, and their control of the money. Our Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof. In 1935, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Congress cannot constitutionally delegate its power to another group, like the Fed. Many people have stated that the Fed is illegal and unconstitutional, if it were ever challenged in court. Recently a pretty news reader in the corporate media said how Our Fed was going to fix things up, and I had to laugh thinking about how she was misleading the public. But I had to think that the bankers are laughing all the way to their banks. They have certainly perpetrated the greatest case of fraud and deception in history, but this is what the Insiders are all about. These Insiders are the illegal government of the United States and should be thought of as so. In the controlled media we see the Republicans blaming the Democrats, Liberals blaming the Conservatives, for all the problems in our country and the world, but the real blame should be on the Insiders, and ultimately on the Illuminati. The Insiders are not stupid or incompetent, greedy perhaps, but they are certainly brilliant and plan their stratagems and conspiracies years in advance. The current worldwide economic problems are occurring to give the international bankers who own the Fed more control over our, and the worlds, money. If you are looking for real change from McCain or Obama, the CFR candidates who backed the bailout, remember that the Insiders will still be in control, regardless of who wins. Bob Fiske Vail

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