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‘Intelligent design’ just ain’t

President Bush suggesting “intelligent design” should be part of public school curriculum alongside evolution has me looking to vote for a Democrat in 2008. Of course, if that Democrat is Hillary Clinton, no doubt she’ll be advocating the same, the way she’s going about co-opting the nutty Republicans’ values message ” which in this case is anything but.

Hey, I’m a Republican by voting habit, albiet a poor one. But this bit of out fundamentaling the Islamic fundamentalists in an “educated” country is downright scary.

Look, believe what you want about the ineffable. I, too, believe there’s something beyond the mere body, a creator behind the existence of this world. I do.

But I don’t expect the study of anatomy to find the soul. And I don’t expect our scientific understanding of evolution to find God. That’s not even the point. Now, what does President Bush and the rest of ’em NOT get about that?

I get that they are faithful, that they have a guidebook that they believe reigns supreme. But I ain’t about to send my kids to public madrassas because these folks want to race the ignorant, virulent part of the Islamic world to be first to revisit the dark ages.

Science is hallowed all on its own, in an entirely different way than religion. The two should not even clash for the clearer thinkers. Science is a discipline for understanding the what and how of existence. It’s not going to answer the what’s behind all this and why, and does not even aim to try.

True, where church faith tries to assert facts that simply are not true, well, sure, science will out them. We should be glad for it if we are truth seekers, as our religious leaders claim to be.

We’re certainly not going to prevail over ignorant Islamic fundamentalism with some Kansas crusade for ignorant Christian fundamentalism to dominate instead.

Such nonsense isn’t even American. Save the unprovable, the mysterious sublime for Sunday school. Don’t make Sunday school part of public education. Jees, we have enough trouble as it is keeping reality straight.

Once upon a time the church ” the Muslim one and Christian one ” encouraged scientific exploration as the way toward better understanding God’s gifts. That actually made some sense. If people of faith are threatened by empirical study, well, it doesn’t say a whole lot for the quality of their faith.

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