Intelligent hunting in the High Country |

Intelligent hunting in the High Country

Dick Hess
Vail CO, Colorado

Here’s an interesting commentary on sighting in your new deer rifle. You’ll see where it fits into the larger scheme of things soon.

Sighting in your new, high-powered big game rifle ” $1,200

A quality, high-powered rifle scope ” $550

Bore-sighting device ” $140

Forgetting to remove bore-sighting device prior to shooting ” priceless

There are many things a would-be hunter should know before embarking upon a career of chasing around the big woods, searching for game.

Aspects of hunting that should be considered include firearms safety, ethics, game care, animal anatomy, moving carefully and safely in the field, reacting with hunting partners, considering and placing shots properly, and all sorts of or related things.

The starting point for the novice hunter would be taking a course in hunter education. It’s a requirement for all hunters born after Jan. 1, 1949 to purchase a license.

However, lots of people take the course as a requirement or as a refresher course. Sportsmen are never too old to learn something about hunting, and Colorado’s course covers lots of interesting and important information.

Wives, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, parents or anyone who’ve come in contact with hunters, firearms and big game hunting would benefit a lot from taking a hunter education course.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a hunter ” far from it. A hunter education course exposes those who enroll to hunting information and gear in order to grasp a better understanding of the sport.

The course also better prepares hunters to handle situations where firearms could be encountered. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have better knowledge on different types of firearms and how to safely handle them if necessary, and also know how to avoid any problems or possible dangers from firearms.

As the course is intended to bring novice hunters up to speed on attitudes, and actions, and of course the hunting laws and rules of the hunting road, there will be some things that might not be as interesting to you as will others, but chances are that you enjoy yourself, and learn much about what’s involved in hunting.

You’ll learn about hunting purpose, history and North America’s Wildlife conservation model. Other subjects covered are firearms identification and safe handling, hunter ethics, image and responsibility, and the fundamentals of shooting.

Personal preparedness to include physical condition, gear, map and compass and staying healthy in the field are covered, and wildlife conservation and wildlife identification also are included. Hunting opportunities are covered, including how to contact private landowners for hunting permission.

Specialty hunting gear, bowhunting, and trapping also are included in this comprehensive course.

Class members will also find out how to help curtail or stop poaching through Operation Game Thief along with the Landowner Recognition Program that aid landowners with signs that control or direct hunting, fishing and other activities on their property.

For the 2007 Hunter Education class schedule call your local Department of Wildlife.

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