Intern to help Eagle get greener |

Intern to help Eagle get greener

Katie Drucker
Eagle, CO Colorado
Roman Yavich

EAGLE, Colorado ” The town of Eagle has taken one more step in the process of going “green.”

The town of Eagle recently hired a paid community development intern, or “green” intern. Roman Yavich will be a part of the staff for six months.

“Sustainability is kind of a buzz word,” says Yavich, who graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2006 with degrees in international economics and finance. “But for me it always deals with the economy, the environment and the community.”

Yavich calls this the “triple bottom line.”

“I think if you consider these three things, any project becomes more valuable and more viable. That’s why it’s important for Eagle to have this position,” says Yavich.

After graduating, Yavich received a Fulbright grant from the U.S. State Department to research sustainability of tourism development in Nicaragua. After 10 months of research, Yavich came up with a plan to counter the damage the development and inflation that came with tourism had done.

“I think that research translates well to Eagle County,” said Yavich.

Some green projects the town of Eagle and Yavich are looking into include energy audits of town buildings and facilities, curbside recycling, installing solar panels at the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink, an education campaign, a variety of new building codes, and researching potential state and federal grants for these projects.

“Sustainability is not a state, it is a process,” says Yavich. “I think Eagle is doing pretty well with this. I hope to leverage that process.”

After completing his research, Yavich stayed in Nicaragua and founded a noprofit organization called Comunidad Connect. This organization helps bring together investors, tourists, the local government and local residents to foster sustainable development that benefits the local community.

Although the nonprofit is still operating, Yavich decided it was time to return to Colorado to be near his family and to have a positive impact on his own community.

Yuri Kostick, Eagle County environmental sustainable coordinator, said it is essential for everyone in Eagle County to work together on sustainability because the environment is the reason why people visit and live in this valley. .

“I think Eagle has some work to do to catch up to other communities in Eagle County,” said “I am glad to see town of Eagle is able to get someone assigned to this task.”

Kostick adds that the town of Vail recently created a similar position.

“Sustainability does not come from the government, businesses or residents,” Yavich adds. “It comes from everybody working together.”

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