Intruders tracked down in West Vail |

Intruders tracked down in West Vail

J.K. Perry

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.VAIL – A man awoke Oct. 19 and found an intruder in his house, according to a sheriff’s report.The man heard the intruder downstairs on the phone and investigated. The man wondered why the intruder came in the house and the intruder said his friend left him behind and he didn’t know where he lived or where he was.The man didn’t want to press charges.While deputies talked to the man, a neighbor wondered what the police where doing. The neighbor said the intruder and two other men were hanging out with him, but they’d left.Deputies searched the area for all three, and found shoes, pants and a shirt on the ground next to the nearby Savory Inn. The deputies went inside the hotel and found one of the other men, not the intruder, wearing only his underwear and passed out on a bed inside a room.The man didn’t remember renting the room and smelled of alcohol. Deputies asked if the clothes found by the hot tub were his. The man didn’t reply but began putting the clothes on.Deputies determined the man hadn’t rented the room and arrested him for second degree criminal trespassing.

WOLCOTT – A local man found road rage doesn’t just happen in the city, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.The man was driving on Highway 131 Oct. 19 when a white van pulled closely behind. The man gave the driver several chances to pass before he pulled over to the side of the road. When the van passed, he saw the phone number for a plumbing company on the side of the van and called the business to lodge a complaint.Six days later, the man stopped to sleep alongside the same highway. He awoke when the same white van pulled alongside him and the driver honked the horn.The man rolled down his window and the driver spoke to him.”Do you remember me? Don’t you remember me,” the driver said.”No,” the man replied.The driver said he knew the man called his work to complain. The driver insulted the man and made fun of him because he didn’t want to handle the situation “like a man.”Deputies looked for the white van and driver, but couldn’t find either. The case is still under investigation.

EAGLE – A ranch caretaker discovered shotgun blasts inside the home where she worked, according to a sheriff’s report.She just arrived at the home and saw muddy footprints leading to the back door. Inside, a shotgun and shotgun shells were missing. She found blasts to a door, ceiling and refrigerator.She called deputies, who arrived at the driveway with the owner. Standing in the driveway was an unknown, muddy, barefoot young man. He asked to use a cell phone and told deputies he came to the house looking for a phone because someone was chasing him and he was trying to get his truck back.Deputies found no signs of the man being chased.He admitted accidentally firing the shotgun and then reloading the gun. Deputies arrested the juvenile for burglary and criminal mischief.

EAGLE-VAIL – Several Afghan rugs worth $18,500 total were stolen from an Eagle-Vail home sometime before Oct. 23, according to a Sheriff’s report.The owner left for vacation while his home was being remodeled. When he returned, he found six black, red and orange rugs missing. One rug was valued at $13,500. All were not replaceable, the owner said.Neither the contractors nor subcontractors remodeling the home knew the rugs were missing.Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 748-2928 or, Colorado

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