Investigate, punish leak, Bryant’s attorneys ask |

Investigate, punish leak, Bryant’s attorneys ask

EAGLE COUNTY – Kobe Bryant’s attorneys want the leaks plugged, and punishment for those who mailed Bryant’s interview with sheriff’s investigators to the Vail Daily.”The TRO (temporary restraining order) has been blatantly violated,” wrote Bryant’s attorney Pamela Mackey.Mackey asked the District Court to appoint an investigator to immediately seize all evidence, including the large, brown envelope in which the transcript and recording of Bryant’s interview was mailed to the Vail Daily this week. That non-descript envelope carried a hand-written address to the Daily, four stamps and no return address. Mackey wants the court to appoint an investigator to find who mailed the package to the Daily, and punish them.The leak comes after prosecutor Dana Easter and District Attorney Mark Hurlbert sat down for interviews with the Daily as well as The Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News and People magazine.”Ms. Easter disclosed her version of substantial portions of the interrogation of Mr. Bryant and improperly commented on and mischaracterized the evidence,” wrote Mackey.The Daily published the entire contents of the interview on its Web site, said revealing the contents of the interview violates Bryant’s right to privacy.”Like all innocent individuals, Mr. Bryant is guaranteed a right of privacy,” wrote Mackey. “Mr. Bryant followed the rules … Mr. Bryant’s entitlement to seek relief from this court is as plain as this court’s authority to give such relief.”Bryant’s attorneys asked for and received a temporary restraining order to seal the records associated with the case. The District Court must still rule whether that temporary order will become permanent.Staff Writer Randy Wyrick can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 615, or

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