Investigators and pathologist meet on Aspen womans’s death |

Investigators and pathologist meet on Aspen womans’s death

Rick Carroll
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado – A team of local investigators met with a Grand Junction pathologist Thursday about the death of longtime local Cheryl Ann Lurie.

Aspen police detectives Chris Womack and Ian MacAyeal, along with Pitkin County sheriff’s Investigator Ron Ryan and Assistant District Attorney Arnold Mordkin, went over details of a report conducted by the pathologist handling the case, said Stephanie Dasaro, spokeswoman for the APD.

No contents of the report have been made available, and Dasaro said she did not know when it will be made available.

“It’s still in progress,” she said, adding the APD would not be issuing any further information Thursday about the death.

The body of Lurie, 54, was discovered by a passer-by at approximately 10:30 a.m. Monday at the library plaza, which is adjacent the Pitkin County Library.

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Coroner Scott Thompson ruled that Lurie died of blunt force head trauma. Police have said they are not sure what exactly killed Lurie, and have not ruled out a number of scenarios, ranging from homicide to a fall.

Police, who immediately cordoned off the area after the learning about the body, opened up the area later that Monday afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon, the area was cordoned off once again and treated as a crime scene, after Thompson issued his findings.

Dasaro said evidence was collected both times the area was cordoned off, and the second time the area was closed “we were just trying to exhaust everything we had.”

Police are asking anyone who saw Lurie on Sunday, the day before her body was found, to call the APD at (970) 925-5400.

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