Investigators: ‘We’ve got everything we want’ in Denver crash probe |

Investigators: ‘We’ve got everything we want’ in Denver crash probe

Jeff Kass
Rocky Mountain News
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado ” The lead investigator into the crash of Continental Airlines Flight 1404 said Monday his colleagues have all the information they need ” ranging from wind data to the cockpit voice recorder ” to determine the cause of the accident at Denver International Airport.

Now they just have to figure out what it means.

“We’ve got lots of good data. Evidence-wise, we’ve got everything we want,” National Transportation Safety Board investigator in charge Bill English told a handful of reporters during a tour of the plane wreckage today. “We just need to put it all together.”

The right side of the Boeing 737-500 included a charred, dense mess of wires, insulation, and jet fuel still dripping out.

English did not release any findings or conclusions about what caused the wreck. That report may not come out for a year.

No one died but 38 passengers were injured when the plane crashed into a ravine on Dec. 20 while trying to take off with 110 passengers and a five-member flight crew on board.

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