Investment in fairgrounds |

Investment in fairgrounds

Don Rogers

While a $2 million budget request for an event center-livestock facility at the fairgrounds struck some observers as a bit out of left field last month, the structure has been a mainstay in the master plan for the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo for years and years.The master plan completed in 2000 and the update finished this past fall both show the facility to the west of the rodeo grounds, along with other improvements to the fairgrounds that county leaders have envisioned.From this vantage, the vision is compelling. Commissioner Tom Stone makes a good case for beginning to invest in the fairgrounds, which frankly could use it. Other than those spiffy grandstands, the grounds are tired, and small, for what this part of the county could be. The county in recent years has spent roughly $3 million on its land in El Jebel known as the Tree Farm and, of course, about the same amount at Edwards’ Berry Creek area. From this standpoint, the fairgrounds are due, even past due.The spending may start today as the commissioners consider an agreement for the architectural design. Stone says the building can indeed be up and ready by fair time, too. That’s if the new board majority that starts next week goes along, of course. D.R.Vail Colorado

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