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By Valerie Costa

Individual investment plans based on your goals and needs

“At the end of the day, you need the right quarterback to lead you through some of the toughest financial times.  I look at macroeconomics and, using complex algorithms, try to minimize risk and increase expected value of a client’s portfolio.  With my mathematical background and my team’s financial pedigree, we readily distinguish ourselves from other groups in this profession. We are one of the top wealth management firms in the country and we’re right in your neighborhood.”  

Michael Caplan isn’t your typical Certified Financial Planner.  He didn’t set out to work in the financial industry; it chose him.  After graduating top of his class in Mathematics with an emphasis in mathematical modeling and economics from Northwestern University, he decided to pursue a corporate legal degree.  From the start of his career in corporate and securities law, Michael worked with hedge fund managers and multinational corporations.  For many years, he focused on advising boards of directors of public companies and other executives.  His breadth of expertise earned him an invitation to become an International Economic Fellow at Georgetown University and thereafter became an adjunct professor at the Georgetown Law Center for many years.

“We design a portfolio that coordinates with each client’s individual long-term financial plan..” (Photo provided by Invictus Private Wealth)

While practicing as an attorney, Michael initially left the management of his own money in the hands of another financial professional. In 2007, as Michael hypothesized dark economic times were looming, it became apparent that most financial advisors were simply following the herd. The professional money managers encouraged their customers to buy, buy, buy, but that didn’t jibe with what Michael was seeing from a mathematical perspective.  Michael’s law partners asked not just for his opinion about the state of financial affairs in the U.S., but to take on management of their portfolios.  He started his book of business in 2008; an auspicious time to jump into a financial services practice, but the decision proved to be a blessing for the clients that hired him.  Michael’s ability deep dive into the mathematical probabilities of economic trends helped those under his management to weather the financial storm that wiped out the wealth of many of their peers.

“In tough economic times, market speculation and timing does not work. Mathematics wins in the end,” Michael explained.  “We design a portfolio that coordinates with each client’s individual long-term financial plan, which will put the client at the best odds of reaching their financial goals.  We don’t sell any products or mutual funds.  Clients do better, and we do better, by aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals. 

Michael’s appreciation for academia extends beyond mathematics and financial matters.   In fact, his firm’s name is a tribute to one of Michael’s favorite poems by 19th century British poet, William Ernest Henley. INVICTUS means unconquerable or undefeated in Latin. The poem is about resilience, courage: you control your fate and you decide your destiny. Michael has been named Top 5 in Forbes/SHOOK Best-In-State Wealth Advisor and Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisor since 2019. Invictus Private Wealth is a true fiduciary, not beholden to any traditional wire house.  Michael chose to become an Independent Financial Advisor so that Invictus could operate unequivocally in their clients’ best interests: saying goodbye to the world of quotas and of extraneous financial products.  The Invictus team is held to the absolute highest standard of conduct and ethics and take pride in the fact that their fiduciary duty is their number one priority.  Their goal is to improve every aspect of each client’s financial picture.

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“We are one of the top wealth management firms in the country and we’re right in your
neighborhood.” -Michael Caplan (Photo provided by Invictus Private Wealth)

“There are no products, just true mathematical modeling coordinated with each client’s goals, which puts them in a more preferable position,” Michael said.  “I don’t have tricks or catchy things to sell; our group is more academic.  We create detailed financial plans for each client who joins our practice, and we model accordingly.    We strive to get their costs down by avoiding financial products.    We avoid get rich schemes, which has proven to be the best path to long term prosperity”.  

With the current volatility of the market, it’s more important than ever to make measured decisions based on data, not feelings. It is paramount to have a dedicated financial planner who will equip you with the insight and tools to keep you on process.  The Invictus team does not get euphoric when the market goes up nor panic when it goes down; they look at long-term trends and strategies to make the most of each dollar that their clients invest.  Michael sees the current financial situation an opportunity, not the crisis that many are portraying.

Jesse Margetson, Head of FinancialPlanning
(Photo provided by InvictusPrivateWealth)

“I’m more optimistic than most people.  I firmly believe that the U.S. is still the best place to invest, and we are still in a growth phase,” Michael said.  “This presents an opportunity to purchase income producing assets at prices that one has not seen in a very long time.  There are always scary or troubling times, but I don’t see the current situation as cataclysmic.”

To learn more about Invictus Private Wealth, or to schedule a consultation with Michael or one of his experienced team members, visit or call (720) 734-2460.  


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