Inyodo Martial Arts enjoying same excellence after move to Avon’s Traer Creek Plaza |

Inyodo Martial Arts enjoying same excellence after move to Avon’s Traer Creek Plaza

After 18 years in Edwards, martial arts academy is moving on up

For more information Inyodo Martial Arts moved to Avon’s Traer Creek Plaza. To learn more and to view schedules visit or call (970) 569-3083. Get 20% off membership when you sign up with a friend through Christmas.

AVON — A local martial arts academy has taken its time-honored practices to a new location.

Inyodo Martial Arts moved from its location of 18 years in Edwards, where it started, to land in Avon’s Traer Creek Plaza.

“Members still pile into classes and break a sweat,” said Inyodo owner David “Bobcat” Smith.

Classes range from kids’ Tae Kwon Do where youngsters carry in duffel bags as big as they are, to Alex Hyde and Nick Mahaffey’s Muay Thai Kickboxing class, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappling battles under lead instructor Paul Surridge.

“There is a common thread shared among members of the Inyodo family: commitment,” Bobcat said.

The martial arts are one of the classic goal-setting institutions. Students acquire new skills as they work through belts and rankings, as the ultimate goal, the black belt, is mounted on the wall above the mat where they train.

Along the way, students learn life skills such as character, self-discipline, confidence, decision making and fitness.

“These benefits of hard work will help guide them through some of life’s mysteries,” Bobcat said.

Students learn how to both deliver and receive a blow when those life skills are needed.

Kickboxers, for instance, are driven by the same core lessons and values, Bobcat said. Classes are marshaled by fun, bumping music and the beep of the timer. The boxers hit, kick, elbow, and knee with determination and ferocity. After each round, they smile through the sweat as they buzz endorphins, encouraging each other with a “job well done,” glove tap, and rotate partners in preparation for the next set of instructions.

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes — men, women, and teenagers — exude a calmness in their energy. Beneath the calm, though, is control and strength.

“The Jiu Jitsu classes are an esoteric mix of technique reviews, drills, and thoughtful strategy,” Bobcat said. “Each practitioner’s style is a union of cerebral and kinetic wisdom.”

Those skills are often referred to as physical chess, Bobcat said.

“Each class helps athletes hone their craft, making them just a little bit sharper with their myriad sweeps, counter, submissions and escapes,” he said.

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