Irish rockers the Young Dubliners make a surprise stop in Vail |

Irish rockers the Young Dubliners make a surprise stop in Vail

Ted Alvarez
Special to the DailyToo much Jameson? The Young Dubliners bring their rollicking Irish rock n roll party to Mangos in Red Cliff tonight.

The Young Dubliners are a truly multicultural band – a mix of Irish and American musicians based in Los Angeles who play Irish-folk-influenced rock. But they’ve found yet another locale to call home: In Vail, their Ford amphitheater show last summer was one of the venue’s biggest shows ever.”The show was just massive, but we’ve always had a great crowd in Vail, ever since we started coming out in ’95,” said Keith Roberts, the band’s singer-guitarist. “Colorado was the first place we ventured outside of California, so we made this place a regular stop – we might be the only non-jam band that comes regularly.”On the heels of their most recent release, Real World, the Young Dubliners will tour Ireland and Denmark next month, but they decided to squeeze in a few shows in their second-favorite state. “We’re doing a big European tour next week so this is a ‘see ya later, US!’ thing,” Roberts said. “We wanted to do a little impromptu gig – we love Vail, so why not do one more for the road?”

After the Vail gig, Roberts and company will head for Ireland – but they’ll likely bring a plane-load of Americans with them. Last year, the Young Dubliners started offering 10-day, all-inclusive package tour on their website that includes airfare, lodging, tours and entrance into every Ireland show. “Last year there was such a huge reaction – we go to Ireland and we bring 80-100 Americans with us,” Roberts said. “They tour with us, come to the gigs, hang out afterward and follow us around; they even get to see the countryside.”Real World is the band’s most accomplished work to date; while it still includes the bands up-tempo blend of Irish ballads and modern rock, it also chronicles the rigors of being in a working road band. It even hints at an awakening political awareness.”A lot of it has to do with the political climate; there was a lot of crap going on when we wrote it – still is,” Roberts said. ” But we try to keep our hand in the the real-life stuff, too – we don’t want to preach, especially when you’ve got a couple greencard holders in the band.”Both Roberts and bassist Brendan Holmes are Irish; drummer Dave Ingraham, guitarist Bob Boulding and violin/harp/keyboard player Chas Waltz are all American.

“When I was in Ireland, I only played straight rock, but when St. Patrick’s Day came around, we realized what a massive thing [Irish culture] was around here,” Roberts said. “It became a natural idea of Americans with rock knowledge joining forces with Irishmen with Irish history. It was an original idea of blending the Irish and American ideals of rock, and it took a long time to put it together, but Real World represents the blend we’ve always been looking for.”As a rule, Vail shows tend to be big winners for the band – and they’re excited to bring an Irish party to Red Cliff.”We hadn’t done [Vail] in a while, and when we did it last it was just through the roof,” Roberts said. “Everybody needs little pick-me-ups that remind you why you do something, and that show certainly helped us along the way.”With all their visits to Vail, the boys in the band have never indulged in any of the outdoor adventure possibilities offered by our fair town – save once.”We have a general rule that on tour, you’re not allowed to participate in any extreme games – the idea of breaking a wrist in the middle of the tour is not a good idea,” Roberts said. “But once we went river rafting while extremely hung over, and that was nuts.”

“Generally speaking, most of our extreme sports happen late at night,” Roberts said.==========Sham-rockWhat: The Young Dubliners bring a rollicking Irish-rock party to town.

Where: Mango’s in Red CliffWhen: 8 p.m. Cost: $17==========

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