Iron like a lion in Zion |

Iron like a lion in Zion

Andrew Harley
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Shedding all common predatory connotations, Rising Lion stalks the countryside hunting soul-searchers.

Rising Lion’s sound primarily mixes reggae and hip-hop, which typically yields music in the dancehall genre. However, Rising Lion’s dance-hall tendencies aren’t accompanied by the usual dance-hall emphasis on superficialities such as sex.

“We’re not trying to sell sex. We’re trying to sell communication, positive music and a positive way of living,” said Danny Dread, who has a travelling residence between New York and Florida. “We have our own sound, and we try to stay true to the roots in our own time.”

Rising Lion includes Dread on guitar and lead vocals, Jah Daniel on keyboards, Don Belton on drums and Ras Dave on bass.

Dread lists Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson among his greatest influences.

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“(One of the greatest things about music is) To be able to take inspiration from the Most High and go through the process of making music and being part of every aspect,” said Dread. “To get across the Most High’s message of peace, love and positivity.”

Rising Lion’s debut album, “New Day,” portrayed a new positive force in hip-hop and reggae. Lion’s sophomore release, “Don’t Lose Yourself,” is filled with refreshed perspective

“It’s my new discovery. I brought more experience and new insight to the recording of this album,” said Dread.

Rising Lion plans on releasing its most-recent project, “American Dread,” sometime this year.

“Life is about progressiveness,” said Dread. “Without dreams, man would have no consciousness. Dreams keep us going.”

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