Is bocce ball coming to Dillon? |

Is bocce ball coming to Dillon?

Caitlin Row
Frisco, CO Colorado

DILLON – Bocce ball may be the next big thing in Dillon, if Rick Giamanco and Dr. Sheila Gerbarg have their way.

Giamanco and Gerbarg were both recently appointed to Dillon’s parks and recreation committee, a group of people who advise the town council on policies and projects concerning local parks.

Giamanco, the committee’s newest voting member, told Dillon’s council recently that his top goal for the town was to install a permanent bocce ball court in one of the parks. It would act as a destination for both locals and visitors, he said.

Council members expressed plenty of interest in the bocce ball idea, saying a court in Dillon could be a good fit because town “pocket parks” don’t have much extra land.

“I want it to be a draw for Dillon,” Giamanco said, noting that bocce ball courts take minimal maintenance, provide a low-impact game and don’t cost much to install.

Gerbarg also supports the bocce ball court idea.

“I spent about a year-plus researching and planning out our own yard,” Gerbarg said, adding that she wanted to make it comfortable for everyone, from ages 4-94. “I created many different areas within my small yard to incorporate passive relaxation and activities.”

Gerbarg’s own design – for her yard in Arizona – includes a quiet meditation area, a hammock, seating areas, a bocce court and horse shoes.

“You can play bocce your entire life,” Gerbarg said. “It’s the most fun thing and really anybody can play, and if you’re not playing your watching. It’s a social activity. … I see incredible possibilities for Dillon’s parks.”

Giamanco, a longtime local from Dillon Valley with a construction business, said his work experience has given him a plethora of contacts to help implement parks and rec project ideas.

Though Gerbarg doesn’t live full time in Dillon, she’s been visiting Summit County for 17 years, and she’s been a part-timer for two years.

“My goal is to spend as much time here as possible throughout the whole year,” she said. “(The committee) is a great reason to draw me back.”

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