Is diplomacy dead? |

Is diplomacy dead?

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado

Is anyone really all that surprised that intelligence was fudged and twisted ever so slightly to implicate Saddam and his evil regime having ties to Al-Qaida?

I mean after all, the world is a better place now that Saddam and nearly all of his family are dead, right?

I don’t know about you but I sleep so much easier at night just knowing that those rascals are out of the picture.

Meanwhile, it is becoming more obvious with each passing day that our government only has our best interests in mind when it decides foreign policy and national security. After all, you lie to protect the ones you love the most, right?

If the nation is not aware by now, we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iran is linked to the carnage in Iraq by providing insurgents with weapons that have killed and wounded a large number of our soldiers. Sound familiar to anyone?

I believe the last time that this case was made we ended up invading, excuse me, liberating, a tiny country in the Middle East that is now a budding bastion of democracy.

Even if the charges are true, and they probably are, who can believe a government that has already told so many lies and concealed so many facts about the war in Iraq. You can believe all you want that going to war has made the rest of the world a safer place, but where is the proof?

Just because we are not being attacked by suicide bombers and having our citizens kidnapped and beheaded by militant extremists here on our own turf does not mean that this is not going on every day in other places all over the world. So what that means is that America is a safer place, not the world.

And now we are stacking up the accusations against Iran for what I can only speculate will be another bid for war. It’s a great economy booster in case you haven’t heard. But first we have to send more troops into Iraq to quickly clean up the mess that has been made by everyone but us. After that we can move on to bigger and better things, like bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities and balancing the budget.

I don’t think anyone in the world doubts that while Iran is led by Ahmadinejad or any other crazy despot and religious zealot they should be considered a credible threat, but how big of a threat are they now and how big are they capable of getting? Is diplomacy dead? Are we doomed to a nuclear Armageddon with the only clear lines drawn by religion?

If we continue thinking that war is the only answer than I’m afraid the answer is yes.

If we do eventually go to war with Iran than more evidence will have to presented and more facts disclosed. As an American who has been lied to so many times, I am going to find it hard to get behind another war and that’s a shame, because the next time could be the one that counts. But the boy cried wolf one too many times.

Any time that a friend, relative, co-worker, or a significant other were to be as dishonest and deceitful towards us as this administration has been there would be a serious lack of trust and a disintegration of the relationship. We expect the best and hope for the best for all of these people. Why should we hold our government officials to a lesser standard.

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