Is there a case or not? |

Is there a case or not?

Don Rogers

The district attorney says he is still waiting on state investigators to finish analyzing DNA tests on unidentified physical evidence obtained after basketball star Kobe Bryant was accused by a local girl of sexual assault.

So no charges are coming at least until next week, assuming the sheriff doesn’t come up with another kooky scheme to try to force the DA’s hand like the previous weekend. He has a lot at stake in whether the prosecutors decide they have enough to legitimately try a case.

Meanwhile, rumors swirl. Who is this sweet young blonde from a respected local family, really? The easy part is done. The next stage is when the flock of reporters aims to dig deeper. They aren’t going away. Sorry.

A cloud hangs, pressure builds. International celebrity with a pristine image rivaling Tiger Woods vs. the girl next door in a small town where everyone knows each other and feels protective. Flaws found or imagined in either person will be amplified, their lives complicated in life-altering ways however the mystery turns out.

The stakes are high for the DA, too. Does he have a case he can prove in court or not?


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