Israelis aren’t going anywhere |

Israelis aren’t going anywhere

Arthur Kittay

Now that the people living in Gaza have broken down 12 kilometers of a wall separating them from Egypt, Israel no longer needs to supply them with anything. Egypt is their savior. Most of them speak an Egyptian Arabic anyway. These Arabs are definitely more related to Egyptians as it is, so why rebuild the wall. Instead, the border between Gaza and Israel can now be fortified and closed completely.

Think about it, no more tunneling, and no more rockets? Sure. We will destroy Israel, is still their watchword. Aren’t the Egyptians lucky, they now have their Muslim friends close by? So close that they closed the bridge across the Suez. I guess that’s too close.

It’s ironic, Gazans were starving and poverty stricken, but had enough strength to shoot about 150 rockets a day and had plenty of Euros to spend in Egypt. How come with all that money they never built one school or hospital? Oh, I know, it’s the Jews, they are to blame and they have to go, and they did. The Jews left Gush Katif in perfect condition, which immediately was destroyed by “terror-driven Arabs”. No more so-called “occupation” and the result, rockets and more rockets. What was

accomplished by a wall was an almost total disappearance of Arab children walking bombs into Israel. What are they going to do with all the surplus children?

The shame of it all is that these people are being driven by the politics of the Middle East and its Muslim countries. You don’t see any Royal Saudi family children blowing themselves up. So-called Palestinians have been used for over 50 years and where is the UN or any government? The mistakes of the past are just that and the Israel haters will just have to suck it up. Israelis are one tough bunch and they aren’t going anywhere.

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