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It ain’t just fingerpaint

Wren Wertin
Melinda KruseLocal kids show artistic leanings, talent

The products of their efforts can be seen at the Vail Public Library through Jan. 15. There’s a reception with the kids themselves today from 1-3 p.m. It’s free and open to the public.

Scully’s has long been a venue for art classes. Art teacher and class coordinator Tracy Gordon has amassed a large sampling of work from the “Follow the Masters” classes, wherein a group of kids studies one or two master artists. As a group they re-create the artists’ work – sometimes with their own additions. A Chagall scene might suddenly sport a girl waving from the background; a Serurat work might be exact in composition, but forgo the pointilism technique.

“We’re hoping to promote kids’ art,” said Gordon. “These kids have worked so hard.”

Christian Standley, age 8, is a student at St. Clare of Assissi. In the third grade, her favorite subject is science.

“In science you get to do fun projects,” she explained.

The hands-on girl likes art classes for the same reason.

“We get to do fun pictures,” she said. “We use pastels; we paint.”

Standley describes her favorite self-made painting as a scene near her house.

“This one time I saw out the window of my house, a bird flying by and a car driving by,” she said. “And there were houses in there, too. And it’s my favorite.”

Standley likes to re-create the world she sees around her, rather than making things up. Give her a choice and she’ll choose the color green every time – all shades.

Scully’s is a bit of a local institution for kids’ art classes, especially in the summer. Their calender revolves monthly, allowing them to focus on a particular type of art for several weeks. Initially, they offered classes for kids ages 6 to 12 only; but they’ve had so many return students they had to add a teen class for them.

Rachel Lach, age 13, has been taking art lessons at Scully’s for the past year. The Berry Creek Middle School student likes to paint and draw. She has a special affection for the works of Gauguin, but Van Gogh rates as her favorite artist of all time.

“I like his brush strokes and colors,” she said.

At home, she has her own replica of Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” which she painted while studying with Meredith Young.

The Children’s Art Exhibit will be shown at the Vail Public Library through Jan. 15. The reception honoring the artists is today, from 1 to 3 p.m.

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