It doesn’t have to be crunch time for those looking to sculpt their body |

It doesn’t have to be crunch time for those looking to sculpt their body

Alpine Laser Clinic claims new Evolve treatment can be the equivalent of 20,000 crunches

Alpine Laser Clinic's Evolve system remodels your muscles and skin with Electrical Muscle Stimulation — radio frequencies and warmth — to reduce fat, tighten your skin and increase muscle tone.
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Diet and exercise are good, but sometimes you need more, says longtime local physician Dr. Drew Werner.

Werner, medical director for Alpine Laser Clinic, has acquired a cutting-edge machine that can tone muscles and tighten skin. A series of treatments can generate results equivalent to 20,000 abdominal crunches or months of lifting weights, Werner said.

It’s called Evolve and Alpine Laser Clinic has the only machine on the Western Slope. It took them more than a year to get it.

“Evolve is the only effective hands-free body contouring device on the market, which is great for our social distancing rules and saves the patient money,” Werner said.

How Evolve works

Evolve is an all-in-one platform that remodels skin, targets adipose tissue and tones muscles.

It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation — radio frequencies and warmth — to reduce fat, tighten your skin, and increase muscle tone, according to a study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, which concluded the procedure is “safe and effective.”

A series of sensors is strapped to the parts of the patient’s body that you want to firm and tone. Many patients choose their abs and pectorals, but it can be used anywhere on the body, including arms and legs, Alpine Laser Clinic’s Cindy Ramunno said.

“The Evolve can melt fat, tighten your skin and tone those underlying muscles — it’s a three-in-one device,” Werner said.

It’s hands-free. Ramunno sets it up and leaves you to listen to music, read, work — however you want to spend your time with them.

After working your muscles they can tighten sagging skin, another of the treatment’s features.

“Radio frequency tightens existing collagen fibers and stimulates the body to generate new collagen, blood vessels and nerves,” Werner said. “Fractional radio frequency (such as the Fractora treatment) improves sagging skin, deep and superficial lines and wrinkles, scars, cellulite, overall tone and texture, sun damage, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and hyperhidrosis.”

Alpine Laser Clinic has been in Eagle for 20 years.

Prices range from $200 for one treatment in one area to $10,000 for the 12-treatment annual package. Ramunno said they never lock patients into a package.

“At Alpine Laser, I believe we’ve done a fantastic job of having all of the best machines and lasers,” Werner said. “The latest and most effective technology is critical for desired results and outcomes. It also saves the patient money because they are getting the most bang for their buck.”

Alpine Laser Clinic in Eagle is downstairs in the Alpine Bank Building, 205 Chambers Avenue. Call 970-328-7546 or visit

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