Italian artist at Vail International Gallery |

Italian artist at Vail International Gallery

Caramie SchnellVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyArtist Carlo Trost works mainly with wood but also experiments with new materials like silk, copper, sand and resins, he said. While some projects remain on the back burner for months, on average it takes one to two weeks to complete a sculpture.

VAIL, Colorado Brilliant shades of blue run horizontal through grains of wood and perpendicular to wave-like carvings in one of artist Carlo Trosts wooden sculptures. The piece transports you from snowy, gray Vail straight to a salty, blue sea. The title of the piece is ricordando loceano, which translates to remembering the ocean.

In another piece called 7 foglie su azzurro, (seven leaves on light blue) seven wooden leaves of varying size line a rectangular piece of turquioise-colored wood. Like most of Trosts work, the sculptures are organic, colorful and striking in their simplicity. This weekend Trost, an Italian artist from Udine, Italy, will be at Vail International Gallery in Vail Village to talk about his work.The gallery has been carrying Trosts work for about a year-and-a-half. Gallery owners Patrick Cassidy and Mark LeVarn were introduced to his work by Marco Tonazzi, owner of neighboring clothing store Valbruna. Tonazzi and Trost are childhood friends from Italy and Tonazzi invited the gallery owners to his home to look at three of his friends pieces. We were impressed by the uniqueness and the quality and fresh approach to sculpture, Cassidy said. LeVarn agreed. The majority of the subject matter is natural. The themes are water, leaves things that people can relate to when they come to Vail because I think people come here for the natural beauty and (Trosts work) ties into naturalism. Another thing I like is his design concepts are so original and they summarize a natural subject very succinctly in a contemporary design.

Over 20 of Trosts wooden wall hangings, 12 of his flat, paper works and one three-dimensional wooden sculpture will be on display for the exhibit. Though Tonazzi is the first to admit hes not an art collector or an expert, there was something about Trosts work that drew him in. Tonazzi and his wife went so far as to commission a wooden wall hanging titled Seven Leaves; the piece hangs above the couples bed. I definitely like the colors its fresh, happy. I also love that its a true connection to nature wood, leaves, outdoors. It gives me a good feeling and gives a good feeling to our home, Tonazzi said.Indeed, Trost wrote that human experience in relationship with nature is the source of my inspiration, during an e-mail interview. My creative mood is a result of these observations as well as my relationship with wood, Trost continued.Trost spent many years working as a carpenter, Tonazzi said, but always making art on the side. Being an artist has never been a goal for me, I eventually became one simply by pursuing my passions in life, Trost wrote. The biography on his Web site said he finished his first painting in 2001.A few years ago Tonazzis mother bumped into Trost at a coffee shop in Italy.My mom asked him, what do you do now? Carlo told her from January 1st I committed to being an artist full time. Mom called me from Italy and told me, take a look at his art when youre home, Tonazzi said. When he visited Italy during the holiday he followed his moms advice, met with Carlo and ordered a painting from him. Within six months Trosts work was hanging on the walls of Vail International Gallery. For me and him the whole thing was born on a coffee cup at 7:30 in the morning by a newsstand, Tonazzi said. Arts & Entertainment Editor Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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