Items stolen from cars in Eagle |

Items stolen from cars in Eagle

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EAGLE, Colorado – On June 2, a family discovered that items were stolen from their car parked in front of their residence on Second Street.

The car was left unlocked and the door was open in the morning when they discovered the theft. Items that were stolen included two purses, $300 cash, an iPod and social security and credit cards.

Meanwhile that same morning, a resident on Canvas Back received a call from Eagle Valley Middle School. The school told her that students had turned in a credit card with her name on it.

The woman checked her car and realized her purse was missing. She then met an officer at the school.

She said she left her car unlocked in the driveway the previous night. Her purse was in the car and contained credit cards, and a $30 gift card to Sports Authority, among other things.

Once she realized her purse was missing, she checked around her neighborhood. She ended up finding the missing items from the theft on Second Street. All the items from that case except for the iPod and $100 cash were found scattered around behind the Eagle fire station.

Town of Eagle Public Works employees ended up finding the Canvas Back resident’s purse and most of the belongings in the restroom at the soccer field on Brush Creek Terrace. The only things still missing were the credit cards and gift card.

Later, the school called the woman again after students turned in more of her credit cards. The students said they found them on the field next to the school that morning. The only thing still missing was the gift card.

EAGLE – An Oklahoma police department contacted Eagle cops this week on a case of reported identity theft.

An Oklahoma man reported to his local police that someone used his identity in 2009 to work for a business that had an Eagle Post Office Box address. The Oklahoma man said he had received a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that he owed $1,680 in back taxes because of his $14,701 income from the Eagle business.

But the man said he never worked in Eagle and at the advice of the IRS, he filed a police report in the matter.

The case is under investigation by Eagle.

EAGLE – A Bluffs Drive resident reported a potential case of fraud to police on May 30.

The resident said he received a voicemail from a person who identified himself as an officer. The person said there was a lawsuit against him for criminal activity and said that he had his social security number as well.

The resident felt it was an attempted scam and had already contacted his bank and credit card companies to warn them.

The policeman listened to the voicemail. The male voice had a thick, eastern Indian accent and identified himself as Officer Mike Taylor. The man listed the victim’s social security number and address, and gave a New Mexico phone number to call regarding the “lawsuit.”

The policeman noted that this is a common scam out of India and lots of information can be found on the Internet about it.

EAGLE – Police responded to a disturbance in progress at a local bar on June 3.

As officers arrived, a large crowd standing outside the bar began to disperse and some men ran to the alley behind the bar.

The bartender said two groups of men started fighting over a woman and she kicked them out of the bar.

Police then found at least five men scuffling in the alley. Several had to be stopped at Taser-point before they would talk to the officers. No one was hurt and none wanted to press charges against anyone. The officers gave two of them a ride home while the others walked away with an unidentified woman.

• A Eagle man reported his son’s bicycle, valued at $300, was taken from a rack in front of the movie theater on May 27.

• On June 5, a resident on Whiting Road reported that two of his vehicles were broken into between June 1 and June 4. He was sure that one of the cars was locked. The other was not. A camera and laser-range finder were stolen out of the locked vehicle. The police officer who took the case believes the vehicle break-ins might be related to four others that occurred around the same time.

• On June 5, an inmate at the Eagle County jail found a marijuana pipe in the wood chips outside the courthouse while he was working on the landscaping. He reported it to Eagle Police and the pipe was discarded.

WOLCOTT – A deputy was following a car on westbound Interstate 70 near Wolcott on May 27 when he saw it weaving over the lines.

The officer stopped the driver, who said, “That’s how I drive.” When the 45-year-old man talked, the deputy smelled alcohol on his breath despite heavy winds that were blowing at the time.

The man’s driver’s license turned out to be suspended. The deputy told him there was an issue with his license. The replied that was “bull crap.” The deputy said it wasn’t and that he was also investigating the man for driving under the influence of alcohol. He asked the man to step out of the car.

The man was unsteady walking to the rear of the car and leaned on it for support. He refused to take voluntary roadside tests but submitted to a blood draw at Gypsum Urgent-Emergent Care.

At the medical center, the man was verbally abusive and made threatening gestures toward the deputy. The officer eventually warned the man that he would be Tased if he made any more aggressive actions. The man complied but continued to call the deputy names.

He was taken to jail and charged with DUI, driving with a restrained license and weaving in a traffic lane.

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