It’s a big world out there, Colorado |

It’s a big world out there, Colorado

Carrie Zovluck

What a wonderful week it has been. The Earth’s inner artist is certainly putting on an exhibition for us to enjoy as we transition into the “off-season”. Although the term “off-season” is somewhat of an cruel oxymoron for most of us with children in school, but especially so for parents of high school athletes. I am amazed at the amount of time and energy that is required for practicing, playing and travelling.

Now, maybe I am just getting old, lazy and forgetful but I don’t remember having such an intense schedule! I know I played sports, netball and rounders in my case, and most others did, too, but what wasn’t such a big part of our athletic life was the travelling. I lived in a city so of course we had lots of schools nearby.

We live in such a huge state and in a rural area our teams have no choice, but to travel, that I know. Don’t get me wrong – I would travel to the ends of the Earth to see my kids do anything. I am their No. 1 fan.

It just boggles my mind when I think of the sheer size of this great country.

Although United Kingdom and United States are next to each other

alpabetically they are worlds apart geographically (excuse the pun). I am referring specifically to the size of Colorado compared to the size of England, my home country. England is approx. 81,000 square miles and Colorado is approx. 167,000 square miles. Yes, that is more than double.

My little country fits in to this state twice over.

Did you know that the distance between Eagle and Cortez is 338 miles and the distance between London and Paris is 240 miles.? Wow! The Eagle Valley Devils sure do travel a long way to play a football game! Not to mention the cost of gas, food and lodging.

Anyone who has travelled in Europe can appreciate how my mind is boggled, right?

So thanks to everyone involved with making our high school athletes

sucessful: The parents, coaches, booster clubs, referees, bus drivers, newspaper reporters and radio stations. Most importantly, the high school athletes who work so hard and practice so diligently, who get hurt and get up, do their homework in the middle of the night AND get good grades. We are proud of you.

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