It’s all their fault, sure |

It’s all their fault, sure

Vail Daily Editorial

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COSomething about the establishment, especially the company in a company town, attracts animosity.This seems to be a requirement for some people. Everything that goes wrong is the fault of them. Anything that goes right – and there’s not much – happens despite them.Where there is mystery, they are up to something. And that can only mean something taken from us, the saps, the dupes who must carry on, we who hang on against the tide of them. In this view, we are blameless. It’s all their doing. What can we do? A shrug. A pointed finger. Always convenient to have a scapegoat. You might be miserable, but that’s not your fault, either.Everyone knows folks who view our rich life even in this valley through a dark lens.The paper catches glancing blows. Local governments a bit more. But the company inevitably takes the brunt of this adolescent ire.It’s not that the establishment does not sin from time to time. These are human enterprises, after all. Large organizations at best can be clumsy. The people in them cross the full range of virtue and vice. Mistakes are inevitable.But the overall story in our community is success. That includes the ski company at the heart, Vail Resorts. Big bull in the china shop? Sure. Venal? No. And we could do a lot worse than the best in its business. This company can’t pack up and leave, so it must work with and help build the community that sprung up around the ski slopes. Its leaders seem to understand that.The company donates much, and it has taken better care of the resorts than the governments have their towns, frankly. We know Vail Resorts is not perfect. But neither is it hopelessly flawed. We’d all do well to be cleareyed about that much. – Don Rogers for the editorial board

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