It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas |

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Linda Boyne
Linda Boyne

The boys and I were driving down the freeway the other day, Christmas CD playing, when I noticed I was sort of grooving to “Feliz Navidad.” I looked in the rearview mirror and saw my sons were also enjoying the tune. The little guy had his shoulders going and the big one was nodding his head to the beat.

I took this opportunity to impart some Christmas spirit on the boys and cranked the volume. The little guy said, “Yeah, Mom, let’s rock out!” We cruised down the freeway, singing and car dancing.

I can’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving each year when I get to take out the Christmas music. Not a day before, mind you; I have my limits. I love belting out all the familiar tunes, but really, who doesn’t?

I tend to go old school with my Christmas musical taste, which is ironic because my husband can’t stand the current hits I listen to the rest of the year. My dad was a Goodyear tire dealer and every year the company put out a record (as in album, actual vinyl) with big musical stars singing Christmas carols.

So to me, nothing says Christmas like that nice Jewish girl, Barbra Streisand, belting out “Ave Maria.” Nobody sings “Sleigh Ride” like Steve and Eydie. Chestnuts shouldn’t be roasted over an open fire without Nat King Cole. And could there be a “White Christmas” without Bing Crosby? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be as smooth. My all-time favorite is Andy Williams singing “Oh, Holy Night.” Goosebumps every time!

Christmas music always makes me think of my sister. When we were little, we had our own set of the Christmas albums that we played on my sister’s record player. We had awesome choreographed dances to many of our favorite Christmas songs, include a big jump off the bed during the height of the “Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oria” in “Angels We Have Heard On High.”

My favorite memory, though, took place years after we’d hung up our dancing shoes. My sister and I were both home from college for winter break and we went to church with our mom. As we began singing the Christmas hymns, we realized we didn’t know all the verses of “What Child is This?” so we broke out the hymnal.

There’s a line in the song that says, “Where ox and ass are feeding,”and for whatever reason, at that moment, this struck me funny. I started cracking up, which set off my sister, too. Now keep in mind, we are both technically adults, but our mother gave us the stern look with a, “Girls! Shh!” which made my sister snort and set us off into hysterical, uncontrollable giggles. Mom was mortified. But still, to this day, I laugh every time I hear that line in the song.

So if the pace of the season is getting to you, pop in a little seasonal tune, get a cup of tea and let the music work its magic on you. Merry Christmas!

Linda Boyne is an Edwards resident and a regular columnist for The Vail Trail. E-mail comments about this column to

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