It’s Edwards, by a whisker |

It’s Edwards, by a whisker

Don Rogers

What does the Eagle County Board of Commissioners need most in its third member?Good question. Someone smart, hard-working, able to work well with others, fair. Someone with fresh ideas. Someone who listens well, speaks plainly, has an open mind. Someone who can bring balance to the board of three. Someone who understands the county’s issues, and understands how to address them.No question, the three running for the seat Tom Stone leaves behind are smart enough to handle the job. Roger Brown has the biggest, boldest ideas, and he certainly speaks plainly and frankly.Sara Fisher knows her way around the county building, having served two terms as clerk and recorder, which includes sitting in the county commissioners’ meetings in that time.Tom Edwards knows first hand the frustrations of working with the county as a Gypsum councilman and has the broadest local government experience of the three candidates.Perhaps ironically, his opposition to a local measure on the Nov. 7 ballot is a fitting symbol for our recommendation of him as county commissioner. He’s the only of the three candidates to express opposition to the childhood-development tax. While we disagree editorially with his position, his arguments against resorting to another tax are logical.Sifting through the coverage, their writings, interviews with them, we like all three and believe each canditate for commissioner would serve well.But the question is who would serve best with the two liberal commissioners Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon?Edwards shows us the most of that that combination of independent thinking, understanding of the county’s needs and its role, fairness of mind and ability to disagree while maintaining respectful adult relationships with the other commissioners.Fisher comes very close here, too. And she might well be the best listener of the group. Brown is the most interesting of the candidates. He has the biggest ideas and has certainly been outspoken in them, as well as his criticism of the other candidates. His thinking, though, seems much more attuned to state or national office rather than local government, which county decisionmaking certainly is. And we also believe that the county would be better served with perhaps a little less attack mode in the dialogue. So we believe Edwards is the best choice now to serve on this Borad of Commissioners.But Fisher is right there, too, and if you want to keep things stirred up, Brown is ready to oblige. Fortunately, there’s no truly bad choice in this race.D.R.

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