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“It’s OK” – Reporter John LaConte’s experience with the new GoPro Fusion

The new GoPro Fusion is an amazing camera that shoots everything around you and automatically edits out your selfie stick.

If you’ve ever used action cameras, you’ve likely had a similar experience to my own – where you get your footage uploaded into your computer, only to wish you would have tilted up or down slightly, or panned over at a certain spot. With the Fusion, you can perform these maneuvers in post production, framing the shot exactly as you want.

Capturing video with a Fusion makes your shots mistake proof, and its lens-on-both-sides technology allows you to see things you may not have noticed during the actual shoot. Wish you could have less head room, and show more snow beneath your feet? Did a guy crash next to you, and you didn’t even notice while you were shooting? After capturing you can completely re-frame your shot to show that snow, or zero in on that crash, after the fact.

Recently my friend Benton Inscoe made the mistake of leaving his new Fusion in my car; he went back home to Boulder with no plans of returning any time soon.

It’s OK, he said, because it would give me a chance to use this crazy new camera on my family trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

I went sandboarding and shot some cool clips using my “On the Hill” style of on-the-move reporting.


However, the sound was inconsistent, with large portions of my clips having no sound whatsoever.

It’s OK, because I was really more interested in learning how to shoot with this all-new device, which Benton called “either the future of action cameras, or a total gimmick.” He still has not decided which.

I got the clips home to edit, and downloaded GoPro’s Fusion Studio app on my personal computer, a MacBook Air from 2014 with 4 GB of RAM.

But the app told me my computer did not enough RAM to run Fusion Studio 1.2.

It’s OK, because I can use the app on my iPhone 7 and edit from there.

However, I had a 7 min clip I was trying to work with, and when I attempted to download the clip so I could edit it in my phone, it said “We Need More Space.”

This despite the fact that I had 17 GB of available space on my phone.

It’s OK, because I didn’t need the whole 7 mins, and the GoPro app let me break it up into smaller segments.

Editing was fun! You’ve already shot the 360 clip, capturing everything around you all at once, and now you get to re-shoot it, selecting whatever frame you want from the 360 view using your phone’s gyroscope. Want to show more sky or sand? Simply tilt your phone up or down during your re-shoot, and you can re-frame it the way you want. The re-shoot can be as active an experience as the initial shoot itself.


However, I accidentally elbowed my daughter in the face during this process.

But it’s OK, because she’s tough!

The editing worked well from the iPhone, but getting the clips off the phone and back onto my computer so I could add my On the Hill graphics proved to be tricky.

I hit “Copy,” but nothing happened.

I hit “Save to Files,” which sent me to another screen that said “Choose a new location to add this item.”

But the “On My iPhone” option wouldn’t allow me to hit the “add” button in the corner.

I hit “iCloud Drive,” but got a prompt that said “This app requires specific features not available on this device.”

I tapped the only button left to tap, the ellipses. There was an option to save to Dropbox. Finally, I was able to get these clips off my phone and into cyberspace via Dropbox.

However, I needed to delete everything out of my Dropbox to make space.

It’s OK, I didn’t really need that stuff anyway.

A 9 second clip took 15 minutes to get to Dropbox.

It’s OK, I was willing to wait it out.

I fell asleep waiting for a 2-minute clip to get to Dropbox, so I’m not sure how long that one took.

It’s OK, I needed the rest after a long day of sandboarding.

All and all I spent more time creating this movie than it took me to travel to and from the Great Sand Dunes National Park and record the clips.

For now, I think I’ll stick with the GoPro Hero5 and my 3 minute uncut format for On the Hill, which usually takes me less than 2 hours to shoot, edit and post.

I love the new territory GoPro is charting with the Fusion camera. However, for now, if someone were to ask me what I thought of the new device, I wouldn’t say it’s great.

I’d have to say it’s OK.

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