It’s round and shiny but by no means simple |

It’s round and shiny but by no means simple

Cassie Pence

VAIL ” Call me simple, but when it came to getting married, I really only wanted one ring.

No engagement ring, just a band ” the wedding band ” with a little bit of sparkle. But more importantly, it had to be durable. It had to withstand mountain biking, skiing and the frequent clumsy wack against plaster walls as I have a tendency to teter while walking.

Tim, my fiance, thought he was getting off cheap. He quickly agreed that two rings are excessive, especially for an earthy mountain woman. So when we took that first emotional stroll through Tiffany’s and I picked out a simple platinum band with tiny diamonds, he deeply exhaled with relief.

The decision had been made, the hard part was over. at least that’s what we thought until Tim talked to his mom and sister.

“No engagement ring?” they exclaimed. “That’s not the way it works. You need to buy her a real engagment ring,” they insisted.

So there I went from simple to suddenly extremely difficult in one long-distance phone call. Tim was back at square one and I was forced to rethink my symbol of commitment. When I actually started to ponder the token of affection, I knew I wanted something unique, maybe even antique, which translated in Tim’s mind to “nearly impossible to find.”

“No diamonds,” I told him, “too cliche.”

“No gold,” I said, “I want silver, white gold or platinum.” But when the gods of mainstream fashion brought gold back in style, I started to have second thoughts. And in effect, so did Tim.

After many trips through the Vail jewelry stores (where price elevated me to a person of very good taste), I finally decided that I wanted a colored stone or an opal, my birth stone, set in white gold. The rest I left up to Tim.

Picking the stone was easy for him. He just looked to my sneakers, my down vest, the accents on my skis and about half of my closet.

A sapphire in pink, my favorite color, is what he chose.

And it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Vail Colorado

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