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It’s SOS with

Don Rogers

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

” The Who, in

“Won’t get fooled again”

We had hoped for better. Actually, we fully expected it. Instead, it appears we’ve merely traded one lockstep majority on the Eagle County Board of Commissioners for another.

The old majority marched so closely together we wondered how they managed to sound so much alike without talking outside of public meetings. They occasionally were petty ” playing keepaway with the board chairmanship from the minority commissioner, for example. They even tossed him off an outside board for voting his conscience instead of the majority’s will.

So how has anything chang-ed? Other than a conservative ideology traded for a liberal one?

The new majority each day appears more synchronistic. We wonder how they manage to sound word for word the same on issues without talking outside the scope of their public meetings. Now they are ready to toss the minority commissioner from an outside board for the high crime of not sharing their views.

Instead of governing as a grownup, Arn Menconi has settled for getting even with Tom Stone. And so thus far in his tenure in the long-denied chairmanship, Menconi has been a disappointment. Not for pursuing a more “progressive” approach to governance. For falling into the same old petty traps as his predecessors. For at least one hasty commitment ” all the county open space funds and more for a gravel pit. For running a competent county administrator out of his job, without stopping the staff turnover turnstile that quietly was spread as reasoning for the pressure. And now, for trying to do to Tom what Tom did to him just months ago: Pull him from a board for following his conscience.

We thought Runyon would be more his own man, frankly. Alas, at this early point he’s earning that nickname as “Arn’s poodle.”

So, what to do? Well, they could start by reading, say, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Maybe follow one habit, any one. That could only help.

Realize that instead of gaining IQ points with election, they’ve actually lost about 100, and counting. No more squishy numbers, secret decisions, having all the answers. Leave the sandbox.

We’re tired of singing that same old song on Tuesdays.


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