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I’ve had it with air travel

Greg Ziccardi
Vail, CO, Colorado

Does any of this sound familiar?

There was a time when ladies wore dresses and men always had at least a tie on and carried a sport coat. The children were well behaved and were also dressed in their Sunday best.

Well, times have changed. When we travel vie airline now, I am convinced that there is absolutely no reason to show any respect for the industry which includes not only employees of any airline, but the imaginary security personnel, the bus drivers, the bartenders, the shop keepers, the police officers with an attitude, and so on. “Have a nice day my a….”

A recent trip to Ohio and back has left a very foul taste in my mouth (and it wasn’t from the wagon wheel pretzel I had for lunch). Let me ramble for a bit and describe just a few things that we need to deal with now verses back in the good old days.

We now have to get to the airport at least an hour before take-off. We all know that means two to three hours because older folks are taking their shoes off and being rubbed down in the “security” area while the terrorists threaten racial profiling if confronted.

Whatever happened to customer service? I’ll tell you what happened to customer service. You need people in order to have customer service. There are no humans working for the airlines anymore. Just the ones that yell at you and say “next in line, this computer screen is available” and then stand there and watch you make a fool of yourself trying to check a bag. I was standing next to a young lady that burst into tears when the agent told her the bag charge for her flight was $240. I’m not making this up.

I had one beer in three different airports waiting for my delayed flights. Every bartender acted as though I didn’t deserve to be in their company. “Do you want something?” she asked me in Cleveland’s always-been-under-construction airport. “That’s $8.10,” she said, looking away. I always tip, but on this particular day I asked for 10 dimes and gave exact change.

Assume from the beginning that your two-hour flight that takes eight to 10 hours to complete is going to suck. Just be happy that they let you give them money and you will arrive eventually. I can’t wait for them to start charging for the restrooms. I have a plan, and that stewardess is going to have to do something with the bag.

Admittedly, I may be blaming some of the airline personnel for shortcomings they really don’t have any control over. It was pretty obvious that this young man in Cleveland was a bit overwhelmed trying to deal with passengers that had connections in Chicago that were not going to be made after a two-hour delay.

I wonder where the supervisors were? They should be strung up for not rearing their ugly heads. Letting one young person deal with 100 irate, confused, tired and helpless customers should be grounds for termination. Better yet, make it mandatory they have to fly their own airline once a week.

Enough. I thank you for letting me vent. I will take this opportunity to solicit any investors to join me in starting SNOB AIR. Five hundred dollars one way to any destination in the U.S. You get flights, baggage, drinks, food, and smiles. Sounds like the good old days.

Greg Ziccardi


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