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Jabs merited response

Ali Hasan
Vail, CO, Colorado

I hope this letter finds everyone well!

I wanted to confirm with our good readers that my article about Muslim players and the NBA Finals is definitely meant to be a humorous one.

Yes, while the facts in the article are researched, the article is meant to give everyone a fun chuckle. Of course, I always enjoy responding to letters:

Tim O’Brien of Eagle called the article “ridiculous,” quoting Ben Franklin in saying, “Better not to open your mouth and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.” For entertainment’s sake, I wanted to note the following – Ben Franklin never said such a statement. In addition, I believe Mr. O’Brien is referring to President Abraham Lincoln, who is noted for saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” I highly suggest that all good readers source this quote accurately, especially when implying idiocy upon the opposite party.

Patrick Glavey of Minturn wrote, “I think the main difference between Shaquille O’Neal and his ‘Muslim brother’ Ali Hasan may be that one of them has a job!” Technically, O’Neal is a 2010 free agent and will be out of a job, but to point out this fact in such a manner is deeply disrespectful to O’Neal, a man who has given much of his time and capital to charity and community service.

On the other hand, could Mr. Glavey have been referring to me? As the CEO and owner of Rabia LLC, I am busy at work in developing three film projects with the help of Circa Films of Florida and my representatives at Greenberg Glusker LLP of Los Angeles. Our first project together, “Benazir,” should release in 2011.

And when “Benazir” opens at our local Riverwalk in Edwards, I promise that Mr. Glavey’s ticket will be on me – but I hope he buys my popcorn!

Peace and love all!

Ali Hasan

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