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Jake Vangen of EVHS hopes for a future in pastries

Cindy Ramunno
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyJake Vangen of EVHS is heading to California to check out the doughnut market in skateboard hubs along the West Coast.

When high school senior Jake Vangen moved here three years ago, he found Eagle Valley High School much smaller than his previous school, Grand Junction Central. His dad had accepted the job as manager of the Eagle County Regional Airport, which required the entire family to move. Vangen soon learned that fewer students means more gossip.

“Everyone knows stuff about you before you do,” Vangen says with a knowing smile.

The only thing Vangen misses about Grand Junction is the warmth. Here, he loves the mountains. Vangen works part-time at Pastatively ” a popular Italian eatery in Eagle. Vangen’s life has been moving along the typical senior high school student path until about two months ago, when he had a moment of inspiration. Since then, not a day goes by that his idea doesn’t gain momentum in his head. It’s a dream that is unique.

Vangen wants to open a skateboard/doughnut shop in California.

“I’m going to call it Board Donut Shop,” Vangen says. The shop will feature skateboard-shaped doughnuts with mini doughnuts for wheels and a regular-size doughnut as the board. All will be dipped in chocolate and sprinkled. There will also be a doughnut a la mode.

After graduation, Vangen will first head to South Carolina to learn how to surf. Then, it’s off to sunny California with his plan in tow. “I will eventually want to have beach stands and serve lemonade and other drinks with the doughnuts,” he says.

The best advice he says he has received from his parents was to stay out of trouble. Advice he wants to offer to younger students is to take classes that are needed early so that the senior year isn’t too stressful.

One thing very few people know about Vangen is that, although he’s small in size, he dares to dream big.

“Jake is a passionate person,” says his teacher Todd Reynolds. “As he starts to direct that passion toward his goals, he will accomplish more and more and will find that mix of happiness and success that so many of us try to find. Once he focuses on those directions, he’ll be able to achieve anything.”

With a future in the food business, Vangen doesn’t hesitate to describe his idea of the perfect meal: “The thickest, chunkiest Alfredo sauce over chicken, with hot Italian sausage and crushed hot Cheetos sprinkled on top and washed down with a Pepsi.”

And for dessert? A doughnut a la mode, of course.

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