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Jan Rosenthal-Townsend: For Debbie Buckley for Eagle County commissioner

Jan Rosenthal-Townsend
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I know both candidates, Debbie Buckley and Jon Stavney, and believe that both are passionate about our county. However, there are some vast differences in style and philosophies and watching the debates on Channel 18 (go to http://www.ecotv18.com and click on scheduling) exemplifies the difference between them. My vote will be cast for Debbie Buckley.

Unlike most Eagle citizens, I have sat in on hundreds of meetings at Eagle Town Hall for many years. I have witnessed, first hand, Jon Stavney’s less than professional treatment of constituents. Many others can attest to this, even Democrats who would normally vote a straight Democratic ticket. They are not voting a straight ticket this year, however.

We want our voices to really be heard and expect a certain level of respect from those that have been elected to serve us, not an attitude of condescension and arrogance. Many of us have been privy to various negative e-mails that Stavney, as mayor of Eagle, wrote to other citizens, including one about me which has always left me wondering, does this kind of behavior typify that of a true leader?

Buckley is willing to face issues with a higher level of respect for constituents regardless of her position on a particular issue. That’s important to me. She’s a real listener, not just a head bobber. She is assertive, yet doesn’t show aggression. She has a proven track record in many arenas.

She is for accountability in government, lowering taxes, mitigating traffic, preserving open space (where appropriate) and she doesn’t believe in government-subsidized housing and child care, which I believe to be a form of socialism. She stands by her convictions and doesn’t flip-flop. She has way more experience in business and fiscal management and is pledging to restore trust in government, something that is severely lacking both locally and nationally.

On the issue of traffic, Eagle undeniably has the worst traffic problems in the valley. Eagle Ranch was built without a viable traffic plan, and Jon was on the Eagle Town Board during those years. This does not illustrate good, “proactive” planning.

Jon’s campaign mantra is “quality of life” and “helping working families,” yet he said in an e-mail I saw, “I have read all the various books (like Stacy Mitchell’s “Big Box Swindle”) about the disintegration and attempt to regenerate small towns. I have chosen to live in Eagle because I believe that much of what has been created in the past 50 years, in the built-in environment in the U.S., is damn pitiable and ought to be downright criminal if we were a more sensible species.”

Yet, on July 17 in the Vail Daily, Jon came out in favor of the very controversial Eagle River Station project in Eagle without having seen the latest financials which were presented Oct. 8. He also never mentioned our very critical countywide employee shortage.

Furthermore, Jon hasn’t given much credence to the hundreds of citizens-businesses who oppose ERS. The opposition (many of which are working families) are very concerned about “quality of life” and “preserving small town character.”

Doesn’t all this portray a complete contradiction of words and thoughts? Not that Stavney has any power in the ERS vote from a county perspective, but to me it questions his basic philosophy on “quality of life” and his judgment for “fiscal responsibility” on issues concerning Eagle County.

It’s really quite simple. You have a choice for countywide fiscal responsibility, better foresight and proactive thinking, less government spending, lowering taxes, preserving open space in the right areas, protecting our water rights, mitigating traffic and having a leader that really listens to you (and their peers) without an attitude.

That to me is robust, proactive leadership. If you value all those things, please vote for Debbie Buckley.

Jan Rosenthal Townsend


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