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Jason Moran, Artist in Residence

Bob Aubrey
Jason Moran, Artist in Residence

This week we’re going to take a step into the world of jazz with Jason Moran and his new disc, Artist in Residence. Not only is this disc full of jazz, but full of adventurous jazz. All of the songs on this disc were taken from three separate commissions from three different American art institutions that Moran accepted in one year. The compositions served as the audio portion of some very large art projects and are based on various paintings and works of art as well.

What does that mean? Basically Moran was given projects to write music for The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, The Dia Art Foundation and Jazz at the Lincoln Center … he was, in true form, an artist in residence.

The songs on this disc were taken from these and recreated with his band The Bandwagon.

Now remember this is jazz, so if you don’t have an ear for it, you’ll probably find it pleasing to listen to, but you won’t understand it. You may find it catchy in places, confusing in others, but you will be able to hear the passion for music in these recordings.

So, do you coast or toast this one? As I said before, it’s adventurous, with lots of twists and turns … I recommend this disc to the true fan of jazz; they’re going to find so much in the layers of music to enjoy that they’ll be on cloud nine. As for the rest of us, you’d probably enjoy this music as a backdrop during a fine art exhibit or cocktail party, but otherwise you’d probably skip right over it. This one’s for jazz fans only.

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