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Jazz Goes to School teaches Eagle County about jazz

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Vail, CO, Colorado
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VAIL ” The Vail Jazz Foundation’s ‘Jazz Goes to School’ musical education program for fourth and fifth graders wrapped up its third of four sessions on Friday to rave reviews from students, educators and the musicians themselves. The program, which is in its 10th year, is designed to educate students about America’s own music form, jazz, and to foster an appreciation of jazz music.

“Jazz Goes to School provides the opportunity for kids to experience live music first hand,” said bass violinist Andy Hall. “Jazz music is America’s own musical art form ” it’s our gift to the world and we love to share this with the children.”

Christy Howell, a music teacher at Vail Academy, appreciates the addition of live music to her music classes.

“It’s great to have the additional class time to reinforce the concepts we’re teaching,” Howell said. “The kids’ eyes light up when they hear them play; the musical experience is on a whole new level as they watch the musicians improvise and do riffs.”

Julia Vlaar, a fourth grader at Stone Creek Elementary School, enjoys watching and listening to the musicians, she said.

“I like watching how good they are with their fingers and listening to how it comes out when they’re playing all the instruments,” Vlaar said.

Local jazz musician and professional jazz educator, Tony Gulizia (keyboard and vocals), directs the Jazz Goes to School program for the Vail Jazz Foundation.

Saxophonist Roger Neumann believes in the value of the program, he said.

“Jazz Goes to School exposes these young kids to jazz music, which they will rarely experience on TV or on the radio,” said Neumann, who has written music for Ray Charles and played for the Beach Boys. “Above all, jazz is a fun way to make a living, and we love to show the kids how much fun it can be.”

For more information, contact the Vail Jazz Foundation at 479-6146 or visit http://www.vailjazz.org.

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