Jeep rolls 275 feet near Glenwood Springs |

Jeep rolls 275 feet near Glenwood Springs

John Gardner
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Two men were ejected from a Jeep Rubicon that rolled 275 feet down a hillside off Three Mile Road, south of Glenwood Springs, Colorado on Friday.

The accident occurred at about 10 a.m.

By the time the Glenwood Springs Fire Department arrived on the scene, they were notified that the driver of the vehicle was enroute to Valley View Hospital in a private vehicle.

The Glenwood Springs Fire Department did not release the names of the two men involved, mainly because the driver had already left the scene by the time they arrived.

“We don’t know who that is or the extent of their injuries,” said Glenwood Springs Fire Chief Mike Piper.

However, the passenger in the vehicle was still trapped under part of the vehicle.

“The removable roof of the Jeep was laying on top of him,” Piper said.

It took fire department rescuers nine minutes to reach the scene and 30 minutes to reach the passenger, extricate him from the vehicle, and pull him up to the road in a “Stokes Basket” with ropes. That individual was taken to Valley View with multiple-systems trauma, according to Piper.

The accident reportedly occurred about one mile up Three Mile Road. Piper said it appeared as if the Jeep encountered another vehicle driving down the narrow road as it traveled up. When the driver of the Jeep tried to back down to let the other vehicle pass, Piper said that it looked as though a rear wheel of the Jeep went off the road causing the vehicle to roll down the hill.

Piper speculated that the driver may not have been very badly injured, noting the individual would have had to been able to climb back up the hill, but he could not say for sure. While the other driver, who took the injured party to the hospital, was probably acting with the best intentions, that wasn’t the best course of action, Piper added.

“They should have rendered care on the scene and dialed 911,” Piper said. “In a rollover like that, with trauma to both, they could have injuries that you can’t see on the surface.”

Attempts to obtain more information from the Colorado State Patrol on Friday afternoon were unsuccessful. It was unclear if the accident remained under investigation or if charges had been filed.

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