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Jeff Wegert

Patricia Esperon
Jeff was pictured in The Vail Trail when he was 2 years old.


Birthday: March 18, 1979

Current Residence: Loveland

Occupation: Firefighter

I remember when: “There was an airport in Avon.”

Where is he now: Eagle County’s backcountry gave Jeff a love of the outdoors. Now he hopes to make a living protecting the land he so enjoys.

Jeff Wegert, who graduated from Battle Mountain High School, hopes to become a wildland firefighter. It’s something he has previous experience with, because during his college breaks from the University of Colorado Jeff would work for the U.S. Forest Service, helping them fight wildland fires.

He currently is a structural firefighter, and spends a lot of time talking to kids about fire safety in his new hometown of Loveland.

“I guess the best part of my job is educating kids,” he said. “We teach them the stop, drop and roll method and talk to them about fire safety. It’s a lot of fun showing the kids the fire truck and taking them on a tour of the station.”

The outdoors have been a constant theme in Jeff’s life. He studied environmental studies and sustainability at CU. One semester in particular sticks out: He spent a few months in Montana, living in the wild, while taking an outdoor field class.

While at BMS, Jeff ran track, and played basketball and football. He’s still active, and enjoys hiking in the woods, and kayaking in the mountain rivers.

He credits his childhood spent in Eagle County, camping and hiking in the wilderness areas, for stoking his appreciation of the natural world. In fact, he and his wife, Bree, miss the mountains so much they are planning to move to Bailey. VT

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