Jessica Medsker |

Jessica Medsker

Club: DADD, Link Crew

Age: 17

Class of: 2005

What’s the best thing about Winter Break? Hanging out with family and friends, nordic skiing, great food!

What’s your favorite class and why? I’m really enjoying Psychology this year. It’s really interesting..

What’s the best thing about your club/group? We all have so much fun together.

What’s something that you’ve personally done recently to help your club/group? I attend our meetings and contribute with ideas. I also help at our different club activities that we sponsor.

What’s the most embarrassing and/or funniest thing that’s happened to your in your club/group? My

funniest DADD memory is about Heather and some bad-tasting orange juice at a meeting.

What got you interested in your club/group? There’s so much drug and alcohol abuse and I wanted to be a part of making people aware of the problem and it’s consequences and hopefully help prevent it.

Your idea of the perfect meal is … Good Italian or Mexican food.

Who’s your role model and why? Jesus Christ, because he’s everything I can only strive to be in life.

Favorite music/band and why? Country music, Fascal Flatts, Christian music, Meray Me and Newboys.

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