Jesus loves and underdog |

Jesus loves and underdog

Sometimes the best man for the job isn’t a man.

Take, for example, the world’s first evangelist.

Once upon a time, when Jesus and His disciples were wandering around in the wilderness, looking like the world’s original Christian rock band trying to hitch a ride to Woodstock, a woman came up to them whose daughter was possessed by demons. She wanted Jesus to make the demons go the way of the carrier pigeon and the 6 cent stamp. She wanted them vaporized.

The disciples told her to agitate the gravel and get lost, but she was more persistent than a phone company solicitor. The woman had so much positive energy that she made The Little Engine That Could seem like a total drudge.

Jesus, the Great Umpire of Life, granted the woman’s request. He sent the demons to the showers and the woman on her way, having cured her daughter.

The disciples ambled along, thinking Great Thoughts like, “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” and “How ‘Bout Them Dawgs,” and quickly forgot about the woman, which was not a big deal for men of their day. These were the days when the average Hebrew male rolled out of bed in the morning and prayed, “God, thank you for not making me a dog, a Gentile or a woman.”

Before long, Jesus and the disciples found themselves surrounded by thousands and thousands of people. Like most of us, they were mostly looking to get something from Jesus, such as wisdom, having sight or hearing restored, crippled limbs healed, or a winning lottery ticket.

They wanted to get a good look at the man this woman had told them about.

Jesus was a healing machine that day, a one-man MASH unit.

Along about sundown, the disciples, being guys, decided it was dinner time and wanted to send the people into town for take-out food. Jesus, being more than a guy, had a better idea.

He sent the disciples to round up something to eat, and they came back with some bread and fish. If you throw in some crumblies, a bottle of ketchup, some vinegar sauce and a couple of paper pirate hats, you have the first recorded trip to Long John Silvers.

Jesus, the original Budget Gourmet, blessed the food and fed a bigger crowd than any in attention to this year’s World Series, with enough left over to keep the good folks in Whaler with sandwiches for a few weeks.

The astute among you have already seen the point.

The disciples followed their stomachs to town and brought back fast food.

The woman followed her heart to town and brought back the town.

She literally led thousands to Christ.

This was the first recorded instance of anyone acting as an evangelist, and it wasn’t Jimmy Swaggart or anyone from his gender.

You have to believe that Jesus, being who He is, knew what he was doing. And you can’t argue with the results He got in this case. As the Bible indicates, thousands came to know Him because of her.

Jesus was trying to teach us a little about life. In life, you get to be alive, and you get to try. When you stop trying, you start dying. Those who are successful aren’t always the best equipped, the strongest, the best looking or the most eloquent.

Jesus loves an underdog, like this woman, who didnit necessarily get prayed for, but got prayed about by people who didn’t want to be her.

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