Jewelry thief strikes in Lionshead |

Jewelry thief strikes in Lionshead

Sarah Mausolf
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado – Someone pulled a Winona Ryder at Lionshead Jewelers.

A man swiped a gold necklace worth $32,000 from the window display at the shop on Tuesday, store owner Amad Akkad said.

Vail Police believe the theft is unrelated to a rash of break-ins at the Dobson Ice Arena, Vendetta’s, Red Lion, Up the Creek and Axel’s.

The theft marks the first time someone has burglarized Lionshead Jewelers in its 10 years in the village, Akkad said.

“You always hear about it and read about it but you never think you’re going to be a victim one day,” he said.

Akkad caught the crime on surveillance tape and has posted the video on Youtube, in hopes someone will recognize the thief and his co-conspirators.

“I may never recover the pieces but I just want to chase them everywhere,” he said. “I want everybody to see them.”

Akkad said the thief and a woman, both in their 50s with slight foreign accents, came into the store just before 3 p.m Tuesday. They tried to open the jewelry cases first, but the cases were all locked, he said.

The window display case had been unlocked because the saleswoman had been in the process of rearranging it, he said. The couple stole the 18-karat gold necklace, which is encrusted with diamonds and colorful precious stones, along with a ring worth $3,000.

While the crime took place, a second couple distracted the saleswoman in the back of the store, Akkad said. He said that man and woman were in their 20s and nicely dressed.

Vail Police are looking for the older man, who is in his mid- to late- 50s and stands 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall. The suspect may be driving a green or blue Mitsubishi van, police said.

If police catch him, he’ll face a felony theft charge, Det. Sgt. Chris Botkins said.

Botkins said the crime doesn’t fit the profile of other recent break-ins in Vail because it happened in broad daylight.

“All the other burglaries were late at night, kind of a covert thing,” he said. “I think this is more of a shoplifting. It just happens to be a very high priced item.”

Police are still looking for the man they believe is responsible for the other break-ins. Police say that suspect is a white man who stands about 5’11” to 6’1″ tall and weighs about 150 to 180 pounds. Video showed him wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants and a black ski mask and baseball hat. The suspect was also carrying a backpack containing a variety of tools, including a cordless drill and several pry tools, police said. The suspect is targeting cash registers and safes, police said.

“This is very frustrating for us,” Botkins said. “We’re doing everything we possibly can. We’ve got extra patrols and people in plain clothes.”

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