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Jim Crane

Tamara Miller

If you were to take all the characters in the movie “Dazed and Confused,” and roll them all together, you would have Jim Crane.

That’s what Crane says, anyway. This jovial bartender may be half jock and half party guy, but he’s all about the laughs when you give him the chance. Long before he ever moved to Vail and became a bartender, Crane was a computer support guy.

Sitting in an office just didn’t suit the sociable Crane. Neither did Crested Butte, which is where he lived before coming to Vail. Crested Butte was “a great, great ski town” but too isolated for the Long Island native.

So that’s how Crane ended up in Vail, which has suited for him for almost 10 years now. When he’s not walking his dog or spending time with his girlfriend, Crane serves the revelers at The Tap Room five days a week.

What day? Let me think about that one. I have a lot of little embarrassing moments. One is a good one because I had a few patrons in here on that day. We have a burger and beer day. I was putting ketchup next to (a customer)’s burger and spilled his beer right into his burger. Everybody at the bar got a kick out of that. It was “hey you got your burger with your beer, all right!”

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Let’s see. I’ll give you a quick, blonde one. How do you get a blonde up on your roof? Tell her the drinks are on the house.

I’m trying to think of any bald guys … Bruce Willis.

Actually growing up, because I’m a little older, I liked the late ’60s and ’70s. Mainly because the music and how people acted back then. Society was a little more open and free. Nowadays, everybody is a little more stuffy; nowadays it’s more the “me generation.”

In another week it’ll be a year since I had a drink. Since I started bartending I kind of stopped drinking. Recently, I just wanted to go a year without drinking. It’s been fine. It’s funny, though, if you are a bartender and don’t drink, people will actually give you crap for it. They’re like, “C’mon, you got to do a shot!” And I’ll be, “yeah, I’ll do a shot” and I’ll grab a shot glass and put some Coca-Cola in it and do that if I have to.

I’m happier in the mornings, that’s for sure. VT

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