Job performance of Minturn town manager under review |

Job performance of Minturn town manager under review

MINTURN — Citing job performance, the Minturn Town Council has placed town manager Jim White on paid administrative leave.

The move has raised questions among the business community in Minturn, chief among them being “why?”

“I feel like I’m left in the dark,” said Sage Pierson, owner of Sticky Fingers Cafe & Bakery. “I don’t know why this is happening, or why his job is being questioned.”

Knee Replacement

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Mayor Gordon “Hawkeye” Flaherty said part of the reason for putting White on leave was the fact that he had his knee replaced recently.

“The council felt that in review of his performance, it would be best to put him on administrative leave,” Flaherty said. “To help him with his knee rehabilitation and give us a chance to review his performance … Anything beyond that is a personnel issue as to why or any details.”

Flaherty said comments from citizens in relation to White’s job performance were taken into account when the decision was made.

Taylor Street resident Garth Koellhoffer is among those calling for White’s termination, saying White isn’t keeping up with code enforcement on his street.

“Code enforcement is Jim’s main job description,” said Koellhoffer. “Thankfully the town staff has stepped up to help us remove most of the trash and abandoned vehicles. Taylor Street residents greatly appreciate it, and we look forward to the remaining trash being removed.”


Several citizens and business owners are defending White’s job performance in light of the fact that he is currently under review. Larry Stone, Main Street resident and owner of The Scarab, has come to White’s defense of behalf of the Minturn and Red Cliff Business Association, of which Stone is the vice president.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with three other town managers in my time and relationship with the town of Minturn, and by far I think Jim White has shown great leadership and a lot of support for the business community,” Stone said.


Flaherty said White has been under review since November.

“This will be dealt with before the new council is elected,” said Flaherty. “We’re going to have a meeting, and we did hire an outside investigator. They interviewed the entire staff and the entire council, and they’re preparing a report for us to make a decision about the town manager.”

Minturn’s upcoming Town Council election is scheduled for Tuesday.

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