Joe knows, baby |

Joe knows, baby

Ted Alvarez

Editor’s note: This is the fourth and final profile of Avon-area bars leading up to the Avon Bar Games, which start Oct. 12 and last six weeks. This tale of the tavern comes straight from the bar’s mouth.Hey, you there – slow down. Way down. Stop in for a sec and have drink. Don’t want a drink? Have a cup o’ joe, then. I promise it’ll be the best of your life. Just sit back, lounge a bit and relaaaaaax. There, baby – was that so hard?Maybe you just got here from a big city and you need a taste of home, or perhaps you just need a bit of culture with your cappuccino. The name’s Joe, and I’m here for you day or night, loaded or not.Some people say I’m too cool for my own good, baby, but that’s just how I roll. I keep the lights down, the energy up and the vibe chiiiiiiiill. That’s why friends of all stripes meet at my place; pop in and you’re sure to make a few.But when it gets late, like any cool cat, I know how to turn it out. Trivia night will blow your mind, or at least twist it up a bit. I love music, and music loves me – my sweet stage and soundsystem plays host to everything from jazz to blues to metal. At night, I always keep it live and local, baby.When it’s on in my house, you’ll see people dancing in the front and lounging in the back – at Joe’s, everybody can move to their own muse, as long as they keep it cool. In a town where people come and go, I stay the same. You can always come back to Joe.So if you’re feeling a little more Manhattan than Minturn or more Brooklyn than Beaver Creek, pay a little visit to Joe. I get up early, and I go to sleep late – I’m always here for you, baby.Arts & Entertainment Writer Ted Alvarez can be reached at 748-2939, or Daily, Vail, Colorado

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