John Angus of The Trews coming to Vail |

John Angus of The Trews coming to Vail

Todd Altschuler
Daily Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyThe Trews is coming to the Sandbar on Friday night.

With their new album about to be released in the United States, The Trews bring its updated brand of rock to the Sandbar tonight. Anyone that likes a rootsy, truer form of rock and roll and can take or leave the American Idol phenomenon, can really get into their music.

Vail Daily: How do you describe your music?

John Angus: It’s pretty hard to categorize, but we sort of fit in with what Kings of Leon are up to. There’s an element of classic rock but it’s really been brought up to date. We’re pretty heavy, like to have fun live and everybody sings.

VD: Who were your biggest influences?

JA: I like guitar players like Jeff Beck, Rich Robinson, Joe Perry and Rory Gallagher, but Slash was one of my biggest influences. On the song-writing side, I took a lot of influence from The Beatles. I hope to think that we’re doing something uniquely our own, too, but maybe that’s just me being pig-headed.

VD: Are you the main songwriter?

JA: We all write the songs together and collaborate, but my brother, the singer, does the lion’s share of the writing.

VD: Do you have a favorite song?

JA: There are so many songs that are near and dear to me. There’s one songwriter that the whole band agrees on, and that’s Neil Young. Any number of his songs I can safely say would be a favorite song to any of us. As far as the songs that we have written, I’m most proud of “Ishmael and Maggie” because it has a timeless quality. Take it away from the time it was written and it doesn’t lose relevance. We strive for this. We don’t want to be a band that comes and goes with any type of fad. We want to write timeless music that will be just as good in 10 years as when it’s written. It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon, and be hip in the moment, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your song will sound good 10 or 20 years down the road.

VD: Is there something embarrassing you can tell me about one of your bandmates?

JA: We had to bail Sean out of prison when we toured France last year. He got so loaded and picked a fight with some of the locals at a bar and ended up in jail. So, there we were, trying to explain ourselves to the French police officer saying that “he means well, he just drank too much,” and we finally got him out the next morning. The funny thing is that he’s the only one that knows how to speak French, and he was the one in jail.

VD: What is the coolest moment that you’ve had musically?

JA: We got to open for The Rolling Stones in Toronto, which was a massive moment for us, seeing that they were such a big influence. We got to meet them and hang out with them. We also did a tour with Ace Freely from KISS. We also got to meet Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Steven Tyler. It all becomes surreal, meeting these icons that you grow up loving and there you are rubbing shoulders with them.

VD: Tell me about your new album.

JA: It’s called “No Time for Later,” and it comes out in America next week, and we worked really hard on it. The first single “Paranoid Freak” is really a great song. We hope that the Vail area digs what we’re up to.

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