John Fielder: Scanlan, Runyon essential to Eagle County |

John Fielder: Scanlan, Runyon essential to Eagle County

John Fielder
Eagle County, CO, Colorado

“Change” and to a lesser extent “balance” are two words we hear frequently in the lexicon of political speech, yet they must not be dismissed as we approach election day.

Climate change and an eroding American leadership position in the world demand that we acknowledge that the new millennium presents challenges unlike any that we’ve faced before. To meet them successfully we must continue as we did in 2006 to elect to public office creative individuals who admit this and who are clever enough to find and implement solutions.

Christine Scanlan, running for re-election in state House District 56, and incumbent Peter Runyon, running for Eagle County Commission, have two things in common: They understand that we must do things differently if we are to protect the very things that bring visitors to Colorado and that we must rebuild American competitiveness, and that we must do so with balance.

Scanlan and Runyon are small-business owners, and each has a remarkable track record simultaneously protecting both business interests and the natural world.

Both know that communities with healthy economies have the financial freedom to pay attention to such things, and conversely that communities that do protect their backyards do more business.

And Scanlan’s leadership in the state House promoting investments in education in order to insure a more competitive Colorado and nation should be continued into the next term.

John Fielder


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