Jon Stavney: His pitch for Eagle County commissioner |

Jon Stavney: His pitch for Eagle County commissioner

Jon Stavney
Vail, CO, Colorado

Did you know that I would be the only commissioner with a family with young children?

I’m a part of the workforce myself and I know firsthand that this economic downturn has brought uncertainty to our kitchen table, my workplace and to far corners of our county.

When elected, I intend to do everything I can for working families and to preserve our quality of life.

A lot has been said in this election about lowering taxes in Eagle County. My opponent, Debbie Buckley. has promised lower taxes. How exactly, who knows? Debbie doesn’t. She promises lower taxes through a vague “cutting the fat” bromide. Fat to some is essential services to others. It’s an empty promise.

A symbolic property tax reduction that will cut essential services for working families while giving bigger property tax refunds to the county’s richest part-time residents is not the answer. I will work to make our county services more effective and cost efficient for our working residents, even in the face of declining revenues we need to do better what we already do well.

My opponent suggests our land-use codes are too strict. The credit crisis has forced developers to shelve projects for now. But when the economy turns around, if we lower the barriers of development, we’re going to find ourselves even worse off with traffic problems and housing affordability.

I believe in the high standards written into our land-use code. I will not stand by and let us sacrifice our quality of life on the alter of high-profit, high impact developments and compromised quality of life.

If we put our heads in the sand and think that changes to the national economy mean that we should give up services that most help those who work here, and let down our guard with our remaining lands ” I know that in the future, we will get exactly what we settle for. That is not a pretty picture.

No doubt 2009 will be a year of sacrifice and belt tightening. I personally have friends who’ve lost their jobs in the valley.

From Eagle County to the towns, we will have tough choices to make about where to cut and where to invest. I know we will come out of this difficult time. I am eager to work with other local leaders across the valley to facilitate our community discussion about how to meet those challenges.

Eagle County deserves strong leaders who understand and strive to address the issues that matter most, like retaining the young professionals, teachers, nurses, first responders and others who make our resort operate. I will work boldly to do more to make ownership footholds a reality for those who make our local economy possible.

Please use your vote to join me in meeting that challenge.

Jon Stavney is the Democratic candidate running for county commissioner against Republican Debbie Buckley.

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