Jonny Mogambo going to Graceland |

Jonny Mogambo going to Graceland

Cassie PenceVail, CO, Colorado
AE Jonny Mogambo SM 1-16

Jonny Mogambo grew up in Chicago. The blues is part of his soul, even if doesn’t always creep into his famous apres ski show. But when the blues bug does bite, Mogambo gets into it, and the slide guitar just starts to flow.Mogambo has been doing apres ski gigs for years in the valley. If you’ve heard of the shotski, then you’ve heard of Mogambo. This winter he played at Finnegan’s Wake in Avon and Pepi’s in Vail Village. It was at one of these gigs where a friend of Morgan Freeman heard Mogambo rip and was so impressed that he booked him a gig at Freeman’s BB King’s Blues Club in Memphis this weekend. The following night, Mogambo plays at Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Tenn., hometown of Muddy Waters.”This is the Legend of Crossroads land, where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil to become a famous blues musician,” Mogambo said.

Kudos to Mogambo for receiving the gig. When Mogambo called BB’s to confirm, the bar manager explained it all: “You must be pretty good, because he (Freeman’s friend) knows his music.”This is the start of Mogambo’s offseason exodus: Gigs he picked up this winter that will take him across country and to the Caribbean islands. But when he plays abroad, so to speak, it’s not his apres ski show. “In Memphis, I’ll play the blues and my slide guitar. I love playing that stuff,” he said.

But he’s not going to leave home without the shotski.”I’m bringing the shotski to revive Elvis, and get him to come jam with me,” Mogambo said.

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