Jonny Stevens BMHS |

Jonny Stevens BMHS

Team(s): Hockey

Class of:2008

Coach(es),leader(s):Mike Gish!, Deemer and Gary

Lucky charm or trademark: Foster Fox is the team’s lucky charm. So is Andreas.

Ski or snowboard:I play hockey.

Favorite celebrity or athlete: My favorite celebrity athlete is Russell Crowe. He can box, play hockey, and fight gladiators, all while dealing with being one of the most genius mathematicians in the world.

I look up to: Besides Russell Crowe and Foster Fox, I really respect Samuel Adams Sterling, one of the three redheads on our team. He is playing really well and also has red hair.Also he has the highest GPA on the team and has red hair. His red hair is an inspiration to us all.

With a million bucks:I’d give it to my sister.

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