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Jordan Zevon follows his fathers footsteps

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Insides Out New West RecordsIf pedigree allows for anything, its expectation. And so it goes with Jordan Zevon, son of the late Warren Zevon who penned and performed such classics as Werewolves of London and Excitable Boy during his long and successful career. Now Jordan is following in his fathers footsteps with his first full-length release Insides Out.At times haunting, Jordan does more than channel his fathers spirit throughout the album, especially in songs like The Jokes On Me and Payday, in which he sounds enough like Warren to illicit chills. Too Late To Be Saved exhibits tongue-in-cheek humor and horror (another of his dads trademarks) with lyrics like Theres a message in this bottle/ And Ill drink until I find it/ Cause Ive searched my soul for answers/ And discovered I was blinded. But while there is obviously much of Warren on Insides Out, Jordan has proved capable of sounding unique and original while paying homage to his father. Inside and out, Insides Out is a piece of lovely pop-rock that proves Jordan was paying attention during his life as the son of a well-respected and now missed singer/songwriter. Charlie Owen, High Life writer

The Odd Couple AtlanticGnarls Barkley, the collaboration of Goodie Mob soul man Cee-Lo Green and DJ Danger Mouse (of The Grey Album fame), gets a lot of credit for being a good idea. To a point, the duos debut St. Elsewhere earned that credit, with a host of up-tempo dance fusions that pushed songs like Crazy into the music mainstream and kept St. Elsewhere afloat, even in the many places it failed.Crazy, the second track on the record, did its job of catching first-time listeners. That doesnt happen anywhere on Gnarls follow-up, The Odd Couple and it especially doesnt happen where it should, on the second track Whos Gonna Save My Soul.It has since become ubiquitous, but the first time you hear Crazy it is a very, very good song. It synthesizes dance music, Cee-Los high-pitched soul and 1970s R&B into accessible, three-minute pop bliss. It made that album, and it was easily one of the best singles of that year.Whos Gonna Save My Soul does not do that. Its closer to Cee-Los horribly unfortunate, noxious performance of Crazy that weighed down if thats possible the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. Everywhere that St. Elsewhere had energy, and everywhere that it lost it, is shot at and missed by a long ways on The Odd Couple.Gnarls Barkley still is a great idea, and its still a worthwhile collaboration between two of pop musics most worthwhile stars. A handful of tracks on The Odd Couple, including Surprise and Blind Mary, hint at that. Its just that the duos musical output needs a little more focus. Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

A Mad & Faithful Telling AntiIt takes a bit for DeVotchKas latest brewing of Eastern European folk and indie rock to get going. Once it does, A Mad & Faithful Telling is a free-falling collection of tunes that fits perfectly with its title, meandering through the groups signature accordion and fiddle playing to craft a record that stands apart from its peers.The Clockwise Witness is an introduction to DeVotchKas world-oriented view of pop music, combining minimalist strings and tinkering toy bells with Nick Uratas uneasy croon, in a track that sets the stage for A Mad & Faithful Telling by bringing conflicting elements together for a sound that shouldnt work, but does.The bands Anti Records debut follows the sunny sonic traditions of its soundtrack for independent favorite Little Miss Sunshine, and lush tracks such as Transliterator and Undone give girth to that movies subsequent buzz. Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

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