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Judge reinstates bond in alleged embezzlement cases

Veronica Whitney

Alleged embezzler Kathleen Cleaver Monday left the Eagle County jail after spending a week there for violating the conditions of her bond.

Last week, an Eagle County judge revoked Cleaver’s $7,500 bond after she didn’t show up for a May 5 hearing on theft charges she faces in four different cases. Cleaver, 56, a former Gypsum resident and computer consultant, also violated the conditions of her bond when she moved to Wyoming without the authorization of the court. She turned herself in to police on May 10.

“I missed the court date inadvertently. I’m not trying to flee the area,” Cleaver told

Eagle County District Judge Tom Moorhead at a hearing Monday. “I’m trying to get on track to pay the money I owe.”

Cleaver is accused of: Stealing money from the Vail Symposium, a nonprofit organization in the Vail Valley; stealing about $12,000 from the Galatyn Lodge in Vail; stealing money and a computer worth about $15,000 from Streamline Builders in Gypsum; and defrauding her landlord with checks.

Moorhead reinstated Cleaver’s bond in spite of the pleas of one of the alleged victims not to do so.

“Kathy Cleaver is a risk to our community,” Vail Symposium president Ebby Pinson told Moorhead. “You can see from the cases against her. When she works for somebody, she steals from them.”

In December, Cleaver, who has acknowledged she took the money from the Vail Symposium, said she wanted to stay in the valley, where she has lived for 15 years.

She moved to Wyoming because she couldn’t find work in the valley, said Terry O’Connor, Cleaver’s attorney.

“Ms. Cleaver isn’t a flight risk. She has never missed a court date,” O’Connor told Moorhead.

Moorhead said he was reinstating the bond because Cleaver had turned herself in. But he ordered supervision from the probation department.

“So there can be a continuity in communication,” Moorhead said.

Moorhead also granted Cleaver’s attorney’s request to put all four cases together. A disposition hearing is set for June 2.

According to court records, Cleaver stole money from the Vail Symposium, where she was a computer consultant for about four years, to allegedly pay her bond and attorney’s fees in the Streamline Builders’ case.

Carol Alleman, manager of the Galatyn Lodge, said she hired Cleaver in the fall to install high speed Internet in the hotel. Alleman said she gave Cleaver a deposit to buy equipment from a subcontractor, but she never did.

“The charges have piled up,” O’Connor told Moorhead. “But she needs to be out there working to make restitution.”

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